BTS Suga On His Songs Telepathy and Blue and grey From BE Album: I wrote it in just 30 minutes. The song almost wrote itself

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Min-Yoon-Gi of let’s say better known by his stage name Suga from BTS is known for this soulful songs and also his awe-dorable looks as he makes sure to make the heart of his fans flutter every minute with his actions! Suga has now been talking about his song Telepathy from BE album that is just clear gold for his fans out there.

He explains about his song telepathy and it’s making.
This is actually before you started playing the guitar, but I found ‘Telepathy’ in BE very interesting. The varying melodic progressions between hooks for each member made me wonder if you wrote the melody intuitively for each part.
SUGA: I tried writing a melody for the first time this year (2020), and as I started knowing the fun of music, it opened a lot of new doors for me. So it was kind of easy working on it. I just played a beat and wrote from the beginning until the end. Done. I wrote it in just 30 minutes. The song almost wrote itself. The trends of pop and hip-hop these days cross boundaries between vocals and rap. I like this trend.

When I listen to your singing, it feels like you’re hitting the beats rather than singing along the notes. So I thought perhaps you’re singing as if you’re rapping.
SUGA: When you’re rapping, you just think of the rhythm, so it’s like simply putting on a melody to a rhythm. To define which comes first, I think melody adds to it while writing the rap.

BTS Suga also reveals which Song Was The Most Difficult In BE Album
In that sense, the rap flow of ‘Blue & Grey’ was impressive. Rather than a dramatic effect that emphasizes each part, you extended the rap just as much as the slowing beat.
SUGA: To be honest, this beat is difficult to rap to. The beginning of the song only has a guitar line, which made it even more difficult. I participated when we wrote lyrics for ‘Blue & Grey’ and I’ve always wanted to work on a song like this. It was because verse 1 talks about the theme of the song.

Undoubtedly Suga has given his 100% for the making of his songs which makes us hear them on repeat!

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