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BTS Suga aka Min Yoongi Talks About Playing Guitar On Stage, More Collabs & Learning English For 2021!

BTS Suga aka Min Yoongi Talks About Playing Guitar On Stage, More Collabs & Learning English For 2021!

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What is needed more? BTS has always been there in every way that they can do for their ARMY. Fans of them who’ve been from the start and going to be, they know how the band has changed in and how. From doing great till having issues in their personal life, they’ve gone through so much.

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BTS member Suga who underwent for shoulder surgery in November 2020 and has been working towards recovery. Though we saw him taking the stage on storm at New Year’s Eve event, was great to see him yet having a problem in his shoulder as he is fully yet to recover.

In the recent interview with Weverse, Suga opened up on playing guitar on stage, more collabs that he will be doing and the language English he has been learning for the future.

Watching music shows like ‘Sing Again’, ‘Folk Us’, and ‘Show Me The Money 9’ made me think of what I should do in the upcoming days.

Could you elaborate on that?

SUGA: A lot of candidates on ‘Sing Again’ are very talented but hadn’t had the opportunity, and on ‘Folk Us’, I noticed that many took their own guitars on stage. I started playing the guitar lately and I’m having this urge to broaden my scope of music. And since my interest in the music industry in the U.S. grew, I’m getting prepared, studying English and all.

What fueled your interest?

SUGA: In some ways it’s the most commercially developed market. You could lose the industry attention in a flash if it’s not feasible. So, in this system, you would try everything and that would be an efficient way. I want to do music for a long time, and to this end, I always want to learn more about the global music industry because I want to do music that’s loved not only in Korea, but also in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

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It makes Suga that how he is an explorer, which is such a great thing to do and adored for. However, looking forward to him fully recover and make us go groove with his incredible rapping skills through his solos or being in the group.

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