5 Best BTS Moments From Bollywood Which Show The Celebrity’s Real Side!

5 Best BTS Moments from Bollywood Which Show The Celebrity's Real Side!
Here are some priceless videos of B-Town celebs caught on tape which say a lot about them!

While some actors of B-Town might be super expressive, some are extremely private when it comes to expressing themselves. But the BTS moments have caught it all. Have a look!

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Our Bollywood stars are extremely influential, they are heavily looked upon and their mannerisms are copied from north to south! They sometimes exhibit the true side of their personalities while sometimes they tend to keep it to them but what about the Behind The Shoot moments?! We think there are several precious BTS moments which truly define how our favorite B-Town celebs are like in person? So we complied the top 5 such moments to show you what they really are!

Alia Bhatt : The sunshine girl of B-Town, Alia Bhatt has recently launched her own YouTube channel where she will be posting videos about her day to day activities and what she does when she is shooting or even when she is not shooting. Sounds interesting right? See this video where she was shooting for the challenge and was showing some moves on ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani‘ and her reaction & interaction with her team is totally relatable! Directly move to 1:32.



Deepika Padukone : Well, she is quite a charmer and she is very clear with what she wants to say and imply. Also, she seems the mature one in her relationship. Yes, we are talking about the dreamy woman which Ranveer Singh got married to, ie, Deepika Padukone. She definitely is the quieter one when it comes to the duo being compared but we saw a very natural, real, cheeky and cute side of Deepika when she was shooting a BTS video for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani promotions. See it yourself!


Kareena Kapoor Khan : Next on the list is that perky actress who is better known as Bebo, Kareena Kapoor Khan who is known to be all classy and contented. Well, Bebo likes to loosen up but only when she wants to. Basically, it all depends on her mood and we caught the same when she was shooting for Veere Di Wedding. You just can’t miss the banter and can clearly decode how she the actual entertainer out of everyone.


Salman Khan : It is a known fact that Salman Khan loves to party especially when he is surrounded by his army of brothers. Quite relatable right? Well, this video shows another side of the superstar actor who seems to be in some mood for singing along with Wajid.


Shraddha Kapoor : Infectious laughter, cuteness overload and those adorable giggles make Shraddha Kapoor one of the most interesting , real and vivacious stars of today! These moments are what we live for! Well, to be honest, she is the same on camera and off camera! Lovely, isn’t it?

Which video from the above lot made it to your favorite list? Also, tell us who is your favorite actor from all the above in the comment-section below!

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