BTS’ Life Goes On: From Suga’s Adorable Dance Moves To RM’s wrestling With Jimin Here Is All Behind The Scene Moments Of The Septet!


BTS’s music video of the new track Life Goes On has received more than 156 million views on YouTube. The track is a blissful music video of the soulful song. We get the cozy and soothing vibes from the song. BTS has very well given out the message of hope and happiness. The song has given us new hope. The first half of the video displays how the pandemic brought the world to a standstill without giving us any prior warning.

We get to see the boys’ anguish as everyday life became monotonous. But as the scene changes, we get to see septet enjoying together. The most emotional part in the video that leaves us with teary eyes is when they are seen sitting in the convert but there is no live audience but just the BTS ARMY’s lightsticks are there on the seats. That also displayed how much they are missing the ARMY and their life on stage.

The director of the MV is none other than our very own Jungkook. In the recent BTS Episode, we get to see how director Kookie has wonderfully worked on behind-the-scenes of the Life Goes On MV shoot. While JK has well shot J-Hope and Jin’s mesmerizing appearance, Tae Tae flaunting his acting talent while Yoongi plays the guitar.

To bring us the flawless video, Jungkook has even filmed while standing on the top of the roof of the beautiful house. On one hand, Suga had the members in splits because of his delightful choreography which the other members tried to copy. “It’s our first time shooting an MV in such a comfortable atmosphere,” Jimin said on the other hand playing football with members RM and Hobi. Jimin and V were also witnessed playing around with some cute furry friends.

Later, after capturing a few shots near the bonfire we see the bangtan boys shooting in the bedroom and having an adorable pillow fight with RM and Jimin playing wrestling which has left us ARMY gushing over bromance moment.

We also get to see Suga and Taehyung discussing how Life Goes On is a song to listen to before going to bed, after you wake up, on your way to work, when the sun sets, and even when you eat all the time as it is a touching heartwarming song.

Here is the complete video of the making of ‘Life Goes On:”

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