BTS, Leenalchi, Jeongmilla Took Home Various Prizes at Korean Music Awards

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The Korean Music Awards (KMA) celebrated its 18th anniversary on 27th February 2021. It is an annual music award ceremony that awards musicians on the basis of artistic achievement rather than popularity or commercial success. The announcement was broadcasted live online on 28 February, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

BTS took home two trophies for  Best Song of the Year and Best Song – Pop – “Dynamite” which was released in August and created history for K-pop by becoming the first song by a Korean act to debut at No. 1 on Billboard’s main singles chart.

BTS's Dynamite shatters YouTube records - and heads for UK number one - BBC  News

BTS, who joined through a pre-recorded video, thanked fans for their support and hoped the song would continue to provide energy and hope to listeners.

“We made ‘Dynamite’ in hope that people will enjoy it; we were happy every moment that a lot of people loved and enjoyed it,” RM said.

“We’re glad that the sincerity we put into ‘Dynamite’ traveled and touched a lot of people,” Jung Kook added.

It is not the first time that BTS won an award at KMA. Back in 2019, the band won the Artist of the Year award with its global hit song “Fake Love, in addition to other prizes,

Leenalchi, an alternative pop band that reinterpreted South Korea’s traditional music genre of “pansori” with a modern take, took home three trophies, including Artist of the Year.

Pansori at the Disco: Leenalchi, the New-Old Korean Musical Phenomenon of  2020, Gets Frustrated Tourists Dancing – BLARB

Inspired by the country’s traditional music, “gugak,” the band’s four pansori vocalists showcase funky and modern versions of stories like “Sugungga,” which centers on the folktale of a turtle that sets out to get a rabbit’s liver to help cure an ailing Dragon King.

The band’s music, coupled with the choreography of dance group Ambiguous Dance Company, whose dancers appear wearing goggles, colorful trainers, and sleek tuxedos while showing off wacky and nonchalant moves, has made a splash on YouTube.

“When we first started off as a team, we wanted to become a team whose musical value is acknowledged but who is also consumed in the music market and can survive for a long time. It’s a bit frightening that all this came faster than we thought,” the band said, thanking the dance company for its work and voicing hope for a more diverse music market.

Jeongmilla, who released “CheongPa Sonata,” a self-produced album inspired by the quaint and historic neighborhood of Cheongpa-dong, also won three trophies — Best Song – Folk, Best Album – Folk, and Best Album of the Year.

“I don’t know where you all are, but thank you to everyone who listened to my music,” she said in an acceptance speech. “Music is something that’s good. I hope that you listen to it and send a lot of support and applause to all musicians on earth. I will continue to sing earnestly tomorrow.”

Among other artists who received awards were singer-songwriter Baek Yerin, who won Best Album – Pop for “Every Letter I Sent You,” and singer Sunwoo Junga, often dubbed as “the artist of artists,” whose album “Serenade” won Best Album – R&B and Soul.

Legendary rock band Deulgukhwa won a special award for its contributions to the Korean music industry.

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