BTS’ Jin’s Heart Touching Songs Have Powerful Messages As His Vocals


Bts Jin is turning 28 years old on 4th December and this is a special feature on his birthday.


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Let’s get started!!

Before making his history in Bts, Jin was a college student who was pursuing acting. One day while taking the bus, he was scouted by someone from Big Hit Entertainment and now he is famous because of his songs which shows that he was born as a star.

Whenever fans listen to Jin’s songs, they feel so overwhelmed because his voice is so beautiful that will help you to leave behind your pain and sorrow.

His songs has powerful messages as powerful as his voice!!

  • Awake from Wings

Wings is the greatest album released in October 2016 where BTS takes listeners on a journey toward self-discovery. Jin’s Awake is a song in which he hesitant to dream big because he’s afraid of failing and uses the symbolism of a butterfly’s wings to reflect his aspirations of flying high toward success.

He says “Maybe I, I can never fly/ I can’t fly like the flower petals over there or as though I have wings/ Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky/ Still, I want to stretch my hand out/ I want to run, just a bit more”

  • Epiphany

This song is from the album Love Yourself which was released in August 2018. In Epiphany Jin expressed the Self-love anthem where he acknowledged his self-worth.

In song he says, “I’m the one I should love in this world/ Shining me, precious soul of mine/ I finally realized so I love me/ Not so perfect but so beautiful/ I’m the one I should love”

He explains that after living for someone else for so long, Jin can’t withstand the “storm” inside his heart anymore, so he makes some much-needed changes in his life in order to finally put himself first.

 This song reminds listeners to be more accepting of who they are. 

  • Tonight

Tonight is his 1st solo project which was released in June 2019. This song’s lyrics and music both touches your heart. It coveys the fear of losing someone.

“When I close my eyes/ It feels like the times we’ve been together will surface/ When I close my eyes/ It feels like I will remember only the happy memories”

Jin explained that he wrote the lyrics while thinking of his pet who past away. Knowing the story behind “Tonight” only made each word hold more meaning to fans.

  • Moon

Tonight is from the album Map of soul 7 where serves as a tribute to his late pet, “Moon” which is dedicated to ARMYs. In the song, Jin considers himself the moon to fans’ Earth and they work together to constantly keep each other going.

“You are my Earth/And all I see is you/ The only thing I can do is to gaze at you like this,” Jin sings, promising to always be there for fans. “I’ll orbit around you/ I’ll stay by your side/ I’ll be your light/ All for you.”

  • Abyss

Abyss is a solo track that is released on 3rd December 2020 day before his Birthday. In this song, Jin expresses his anxieties and depression where he says in lyrics”The further I go towards you, I seem to be more out of breath, and you only seem to get further away.”

Jin conveyed a message where one can find comfort in being honest, fragile, and vulnerable if it doesn’t work out, we can simply try again.

Jin’s songs are powerful in many ways which move ARMYs to tears, and his strong vocals only touch hearts even more. This is what makes Jin’s silky voice shines the most and his songs have powerful messages that bring enthusiasm to you and leave back all your pain.

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