BTS J-Hope Talks About His Mixtape, Life, And Future Plans For Music & More

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Recently BTS sat for an interview with Rolling Stone where they shared thoughts on music, dating, and much more. Member J-Hope talked about his mixtape Hope World, roller coaster life, and future plans for music.

 J-Hope revealed his views about the nostalgic times during making 2018’s mixtape “Hope World.” J-Hope said, “You know, looking back, I think it was really pure, innocent, and beautiful that I could do such music at those times. When I work on music right now, I have an opportunity to go back to those emotions and think, “Oh, those were the days.” I think it really has a good influence on my music that I work on now.”

He further added, “Through the mixtape, I learned a lot, and I think it really shaped the direction that I want to go in as an artist, as a musician. I’m really just grateful that so many people loved my mixtape. I am planning to keep on working on music and to try to show people a [style of] music unique to J-Hope.”

He also gave a sneak peek about his future music plan. He said “Right now, the goal is to get inspired and make good music. Nothing is decided yet, so I’m just going to keep working on music. I think my style of music will not greatly change, but I think it will be more mature. I will try to contain stories that I really want to tell in the second mixtape.”

He also discussed about his recent released full version of “Blue Side” how it inspired him. He said, “It wasn’t a full version at that time, so I always had the thought of going back to that song and completing it. I always had that in mind. I think it was like two weeks or one month ago that I finally came to think that “Oh, I want to finish this song.” As I mentioned earlier, I really look back onto the emotions that I have when I worked on the mixtape.”

Hobi also revealed how he balances his hopeful image consistently even after up and down in his life. He discussed how his perspective has changed over his life. He said, “Things are really different from how they used to be. I just try to show who I really am. I think that’s the most comfortable for me. Everybody has, you know, different sides from what they show. Of course, I do have a burden and pressure as an artist. I just take them in for what they are. I just try to express that I’m going to overcome these difficulties.”

He further revealed, “Before we tried to only show [the fans] the good side, the bright side of us. As my name is J-Hope, I only tried to show the bright side of our group and myself. But as time passes by, one cannot feel the same way forever so I also felt other emotions. I tried to express those emotions through music or dialogue, to express them in a very beautiful way.”

Taking into consideration BTS and fans he said, “If I express those things, I think that also gives me a sense of consolation as well. We have been communicating with our fans ever since we became artists, but now I think it’s become more natural and comfortable.” “It’s really about self-reflection, reflecting on who I am, my ego, as the name implies. It’s about the life of Jung Hoseok [J-Hope’s real name] as an individual and the life of J-Hope. And the conclusion that I draw from this inner reflection is that I believe in myself and I believe who I am, and this is my identity. And then these are the challenges that I have faced, and I’ll continue to face these challenges and do new things by relying on who I am.” He adds.

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