BTS BE: From Warm Hugs To A Greek God With An Indian Touch, VMinJoon Are Totally Making Us Cray-cray!

VMinJoon : BTS BE
BTS BE: From Warm Hugs To A Greek God With An Indian Touch, VMinJoon Are Totally Making Us Cray-cray!

The most anticipated music album of the year BE is all set to release on November 20. However, before that International heart-throb Bangtan Boys are taking our breathe away with their self-crafted concept photographs.
Keeping 2020 in mind, which has made us question everything, the septet represented their upcoming concept as ‘life goes on’ along with the underlying message about ‘mirror’ and ‘reflection’.

The first of the many is our flawless V, as soon as you look into his curated room, you will feel like a king. Two oppositely designed white doors with green wall with snowy stripes. Kim’s self-clicked painting placed at the middle, surrounded by intricately placed four violins at each edge of frame. Two ethnic vases on the side of a red velvet couch with golden edge above, a keenly designed mat. Finally, lo behold! The king himself, the very detailed and dynamic Kim Taehyung, wearing baggy flower patch pants with a white t-shirt on top, and completing the look with a long browny shrug and simple silver thin chain.

Explaining about his concept behind the interior and outfit. V said, “I arranged the room like an art gallery with objects laid out in symmetry. I want to make sure you get enough to eat even if you are busy. I wish you can feel how happy I want each and every day of yours to be.” Aha! Such a sensible balance between bright yet simplist elegance.

Further revealing an insight about the outfit, the singer shared, “How did it feel when you saw the outfit? I wanted to show an outfit that is comfortable yet not very comfortable.” One can definitely learn and get inspire with his balanced knowledge. Moreover, that outfit definitely gives us some major Desi Tips on Fashion!

Pic Credits: BigHit Entertainment
Pic Credits: BigHit Entertainment

Secondly, we have our other member who is loaded with all cuteness and sexy charms, The Park Ji-min! A beauty sitting in the middle of a white golden couch which goes in touch with the curtains hung behind amidst a curated room that’s been filled with flowers and shrubs. Just as ChimChim wanted, to highlight the simplicity and point out the contrast in colours, in a way that the ARMYs couldn’t miss it.

Jimin went for the most unusual and not so common ones which makes a desire form within us to have them, not to mention to think he is offering them all to us! Completing the interior by wearing all black with matching black loafers. He certainly gives us a glimpse of a Greek God sitting in his garden of beauty. Ji-min also wore a flower earring complimented with a black stone ring.

Pic Credits: BigHit Entertainment
Pic Credits: BigHit Entertainment

While we saw V, who was all about striking a perfect balance and Jimin showed off his contrasting personality. Here we have the leader of the biggest boy band, Kim Namjoon, showing us the true meaning of happiness!
The man completely dedicates his curated room to the theme of warmth and embracing oneself with love. Creating a calm vibe, with a sunny plain painting in the midst of white walls, apart from two huge hanging lamps, everything’s simple.

Well, the sight gets overpowered by Namjoon surrounded by his most favourites, the former sitting on an orange soft couch with a big wooden bear at his right and a bonsai plant at his left. Complimenting the big one he has placed tiny wooden bears behind him, in a rectangle wall space. Playing with the theme through his style in full comfort stripe shorts, contrasting it with a brown white stripes wrap over on a t-shirt. Homey flip-flops paired with with snowy socks on a creamy mat. The whole world’s worth of warmth has invaded this leader’s room!

Want to hear in Namjoon’s words? Here’s what he explains the elements of his ‘embrace’ themed room are, “Hello and welcome to RM’s room. I, RM as the curator of this room. I present to you my warm and cosy room! It’s decorated with a white and wood tone colour scheme. This room evokes a sense of warmth, of being in someone’s embrace.”

Pic Credits: BigHit Entertainment
Pic Credits: BigHit Entertainment

It has a clean, crisp feel, with a warm painting on the wall, but I think it would have looked even better with some made of porcelain. I wanted to create a comfortable room that you don’t get tired of, a place you spend time every day, which is why I chose this colour scheme. Does it look cosy to you too, ARMY?”

Further revealing on why he chose this particular outfit for his concept photo, RM divulged, “It best reflects my philosophy – a long-sleeved top paired with shorts is the best outfit.”

How can one be so creative? ARMY would definitely not be getting any sleep until we are done with this BIG comeback! Bangtan Boys surely have a knack of attracting people all around in a blink.


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Let us know in our comment box below, which member’s concept photos did you loved the most?

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