Bring them back: 10 Indian TV shows we loved and why!

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Up till this year, there were many memorable and loved Hindi shows in the Indian television industry. While many of the shows got their new parts or a continuation to the serial some had to stop for some reason and didn’t get a new season. Some of these were loved by fans and wanted to see a sequel for
the particular series. Given below are 10 such Indian shows the audience would love to have back.

1.Pyaar ki Ek Kahani
This 2010 romance show was one that was loved by everyone. The show cast Shruti Kandpal who played the role of Piya a college-going student who on the first day of college falls in love with Abhay Raichand played by Vivian Dsena who also is a vampire but this was unknown to Piya. Tho this lasted for one year and 2 months it had created lots of fans and won many hearts. Fans would love to see this show make a reentry in this modern world.

For number 2 we have the people for being a nightmare in dreams of people. The Horrorshow Aahat was one of the most loved shows for all the horror story direction. This show had an amazing run from 1995 to 2015. Have an amazing star cast if Om Puri, Raj Kiran, Sunny Leone, Mandira Bedi, and many more the show had made people gaga over it. It’s the amazing setting of horror paranormal activity has it’s a demand to make a re-entry.

3. Dil mil Gaye
This is another romance that was released in 2007 and had gained a massive positive response. The show featured 2 doctors falling in love with each other but have a mindset of becoming the best doctor. In their journey to success, they had to face many obstacles. In this situation, they have to manage their personal as well as professional life. This show aired its final episode in October 2010 and has only high reviews overall. Fans would love to see it back on television.

4.Sarabai vs Sarabhai
The comic relief of the century, this was one of the most hilarious shows ever seen. The 9/10 IMDb rated show was released on 8 November 2004 and has kept entertaining its audience till 2017. The constant conflict between Sarabhai due to her middle-class background just lightens the mood of every person. The cast includes Satish Shah, Sumeet Raghavan, Ratna Pathak Shah, Rupali Ganguli, and Rajesh Kumar.

5. Chala Mussaddi Office office
Yet another comedy show on Indian television is loved by many of its fans. The show shows us the struggles a common man goes through in a government office but in a funny way. Asawari Joshi, Pankaj Kapur, Manoj Pahwa, and many more come together to create this epic comedy. Fans would love to see them back in action.

6.Left right left
When we talk about Indian television industry genres we cannot miss out on the patriotic one. This 2 years long Indian series needs to have a continued sequel as it shows the might of the Indian Army. In this series, six young candidates join the Indian army to become the best and serve the nation. With Rajeev Khandelwal and Arjun Bijlani and many more, this was a hit series and fans would love to see it again.

7. Shararat
This bubbly soap drama is fun to watch always. The way Shruti Seth, Farida Jalal, and Poonam Narula have portrayed their roles of three different generations of a family wife who have inherent supernatural powers. They practice magic for fun and also to figure out their daily problems.

8. Jassi Jaise Koi Nahi
This is the story of the most hardworking and talented girl Jassi. The role of this smart girl is played by the very talented Mona Singh. Jassi was not gifted with looks but she was hardworking which helped her land a job with Gulmohar, a leading fashion agency headed by Armaan Suri. There she faced a lot of troubles but finally made her way to the top. Her story inspires people to work with full dedication regardless of their looks.  This would be a great show that people would love to see.

9.Shhh Phir koi hai
This 3 seasoned horror sequel was based on ghostbusters and their ghostbuster stories. In the series, three ghost-busters risk everything as they set out to purge ghosts and evil spirits that wreak destruction around the world. The 3 seasons lasted for a total of 9 years making it the most famous horror sequel at the time. It is no shock that the sequel will get the same amount of love if another season is released.

10.Malgudi days
This is a very old Indian show. Here the show lets us see how people from a small town called Malgudi live and face several prosecutions and sufferings. This 1986 release was directed by Shankar Nag who directed 39 episodes and  Kavitha Lankesh who directed 15 episodes. It would be an eye-opener to many people if it is released again and can aim to have lots of positive responses.

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