Brahmastra & Pathan Movie Cast-Crew Work Is Put On Hold Due To Second Wave Of Virus; 1000 Workers Hit

Brahmastra & Pathan Movie Cast-Crew Work Is Put On Hold Due To Second Wave Of Virus; 1000 Workers Hit

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This month last year every work across the world was put on hold due to the deadly virus hit around the globe and then things got easier which made work back to normal by following necessary guidelines. But now, the second wave of a pandemic is hitting harder than before due to cases increasing in our country public places are shut mainly it is becoming an issue for the entertainment industry.

As they want to shoot a dance scene with an extended number of dancers but they are not getting permission to shoot to a huge group of people so recently highly-anticipated films Brahmastra and Pathan shoots are kept on hold. Zahid Shaikh of Cine Dancers Association (CDA), when contacted, said, “About 50 percent of the workforce was back on sets but the government is asking the producers to avoid the crowd on the set. We are the first to get hit by this rule and as a result, several shoots have been canceled.”

Shaikh further added, “There was a ‘Brahmastra’ song that needed 300 dancers, there was a Rohit Shetty song for ‘Cirkus’, one song to be choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant and there were quite a few outdoor shootings. Rehearsals of all the songs were done but now the shooting is canceled. In the case of ‘Brahmastra’, first Ranbir Kapoor got Covid so we had to stop the work for 15 days and then Alia Bhatt got infected and now there’s a government mandate to not shoot big songs which is really unfortunate.”

A dancer earns Rs 4500 per shift, but Shaikh says that they are ultimately daily wage workers which means no shoot, nor money; and therefore, it is scary again for members. This new lockdown will affect the dancers. He hopes for things to come under control by the month-end.

And talking about ‘Pathan’, Ashok Dubey, general secretary of FWICE said that fighters and studio setting departments too have hit badly. He informs that there were three big sets that were under construction including Pathan which was being built on the helipad of Film city that involved the shooting of John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan. Then there was the Brahmastra set and Vikram Motwane’s Andolan Pictures’ set that was also under construction. Each set had about 250 members from the setting department working every day and the work was supposed to go on for a month but this new lockdown will hit their livelihood.

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