Box Office Report: From Advance Bookings of Fighter To Record-breaking Collections of Animal, Dunki, Salaar, Merry Christmas & HanuMan!

2023's cinematic entertainment success echoes into 2024 with a stellar lineup of films achieving unprecedented milestones at worldwide box office collection.

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Box Office Report From Advance Bookings of Fighter To Recordbreaking Collections of Animal Dunki Salaar Merry Christmas HanuMan.png

The year 2023 left an indelible mark on Bollywood, closing with spectacular hits like 'Animal,' 'Dunki,' 'Salaar,' and more. As the industry stepped into 2024, the momentum continued with a string of record-breaking films, including 'HanuMan,' 'Merry Christmas,' and 'Guntur Kaaram.'


Advance Bookings for 'Fighter':

As the highly anticipated 'Fighter,' starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, gears up for release on January 25, 2024, overseas advance bookings have already crossed the $100,000 milestone. Fans eagerly await this patriotic action drama, reflecting the star power of the lead actors and the anticipation surrounding its worldwide theatrical release.

In its 43-day run, 'Animal,' released on December 1, 2023, roared into the spotlight, grossing ₹915.53 crore worldwide. The film, exploring the complexities of father-son relationships, became the third highest-grossing Indian film of 2023, captivating audiences with its intense narrative.


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'Dunki,' with its compelling storyline about individuals crossing borders for a better life, struck a chord with audiences. With over 460 crores in worldwide collections within 28 days, the film continued to break records, securing a special place in the hearts of viewers.

'Salaar,' the pan-Indian film featuring Prabhas, sustained its box office dominance with a powerful 27-day run. The film's total collection reached 404.87 crore net in India, earning a spot as the fifth highest-grossing Indian movie of 2023. Globally, 'Salaar' amassed ₹611.8 crores, surpassing expectations given its nearly four weeks in theatres.


2024 Releases Making Waves:

'HanuMan,' a standout success of the year, showcased Mahesh Babu in a role that resonated with audiences, earning 100 crores within just four days of release. The film, directed by Prashanth Varma, emphasizes the mythological touch with its exceptional portrayal of Lord Hanuman's superpowers integrated into an ordinary man's life.

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Meanwhile, 'Guntur Kaaram' made an impressive debut, boasting a rocking day 1 collection of 94 crores. The film, currently on its way to the ₹200 crore club, has collected ₹173.74 crore in total.

'Merry Christmas,' starring Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif, opened with ₹2.45 crore on the first day, followed by ₹3.45 crore and ₹3.83 crore on the second and third days, respectively. The film has garnered ₹16 crore in total, with ₹2.5 crore from the overseas market and ₹13.5 crore from the domestic box office.

The Box Office journey from 2023 to 2024 has been nothing short of spectacular, with each film making a significant impact and setting new records. As the industry witnesses the release of 'Fighter' and looks forward to upcoming releases, the audience continues to be enthralled by the diverse and captivating stories Bollywood has to offer. The success of these films reaffirms the industry's resilience and ability to entertain, even in the face of evolving challenges.





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