Top 7 Book Recommendations based on Enemies to Lover Trope

Book Lovers

Emily Henry's Book Lovers is an enemy-to-lovers romance novel about a literary agent, Nora, and an editor, Charlie, whose worlds collide in an unlikely place of when Nora's sister forces her to take a vacation

The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern creates a magical world where a grand battle takes place between Celia and Marco where only one can survive, but what happens when both of them fall in love?

Twisted Hate

This is the third book in the Twisted series by Ana Huang. Twisted Hate follows the hate-to-love romance between Jules Ambrose and Josh Chen as both navigate dark pasts, betrayal, and the vulnerability.

Divine Rivals

Written by Rebecca Ross, this books follows the story of two young rival journalists find love through a magical connection.

The Hating Game

Sally Thorne's The Hating Game follows Lucy and Josh, two people working for a book publishing company who share an office and can't stand each other.

The Folk of the Air Trilogy

Holly Black's fantasy trilogy follows Cardan, a fae prince and Jude, a mortal human surviving in fae world. The two have always hated each other or so they think.

Pride & Prejudice

Jane Austen wrote this classic enemies to lovers before it was even a trope. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth loathe each other, one because of pride, other because of prejudice, but time changes this.