Opinion: Why Adipurush Was A Disaster Despite Grossing Crores?

Some movies cannot be judge on their box office collections; we can definitely say ‘Adipurush’ is clearly one of them. Why? Why Om Raut who is known for his epic dramas received so many rave reviews on this one?

By rutunjay
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Some movies cannot be judge on their box office collections; we can definitely say ‘Adipurush’ is clearly one of them. Why? Why Om Raut who is known for his epic dramas received so many rave reviews on this one? Why the project at this scale couldn’t cross limitless expectations of the entertainment industry? Why such a epic story like ‘Ramayana’ couldn’t displayed without any conflicts by makers? We have reviewed all these questions and we have few reasons WHY ‘Adipurush’ is still a disaster despite grossing crores!


Poor Research-

Ramayana is such a historical epic which is always so grand that no one can do complete research on it. But still when you’re working on a project which is going to be one of the expensive movies in the Indian film history, hundreds of crores of people who are connected their religious strings with Ramayana are going to watch it & overall it’s going to be a larger-than-life project you have to make sure that you’re not lacking anywhere!

But that’s where Adipurush team fell behind, how they going to make it happen is the next question but how are they preparing for it is the real worry! Starting from the looks of the epic characters, important events in the story & how audience will react to the creative cinematic liberties taken. Team Adipurush could have been thoughtful for all these consequences of a single mistake.


Terrible Dialogues- 

If research is the one important aspect, then creation is the next to it. we all know the story of Ramayana, more to that someone who has read it heard it or watched it many times can even expect what dialogue will be there in any specific scene. But writer decided to mess with the core of the film! One of the most controversial, “Tere Bua ka bagicha hai kya, jo hawa khane aaya hai,” or “Aaj inki lanka laga denge.” On what planet we would have expected such dialogues in Ramayana.

Even Prem Sagar son of Ramananda Sagar who created the iconic television serial Ramayan (1987) have slashed ‘Manoj Muntashir’, who is the writer of the film ‘Adipurush.’ He said, “Manoj Muntashir is well-informed about Hinduism. I don't understand how he even conceived such dialogues in the film. It might be a misjudgement that the younger generation would like it. But you can't do this with the audience. Don't say it is based on Valmiki Ramayan, give it any other name. Make it a fantasy film. But if you're making Ramayan then you cannot hurt the sentiments. People watch this with devotion.”


“I don't even want to watch the film. Ravan was very knowledgeable and you are blackening the golden Lanka (sone ki Lanka), and his look with 5 heads up and 5 heads down. But I am so happy that they've realized their mistake and realisation is itself a very big thing...I don't know what happened this time. It may be that sometimes nature makes such a thing happen that it distracts the intellect."

Controversial Creative Approaches-

Just like blackening the golden Lanka, there were many such instances that we know from Ramayana were given a cinematic creative approach which no devotee would want to digest at any cost.


People complained about how Lord Hanuman was portrayed in the movie. Hanuman appearing to hold air within his mouth to mimic the classic representation of the god was one particular detail that received criticism. The portrayal of Indrajit, who appeared to resemble a Viking with a heavily tattooed body. This creative choice sparked controversy and drew attention to the perceived inconsistency with the character’s traditional depiction.

Ravan’s portrayal in the film, particularly with the depiction of his comedic double-decker faces received unsatisfactory reviews.

Awful VFX-


When the trailer came the project got trolled for it unsavvy VFX many of us thought that it might be early to judge the whole movie out of some bad VFX shots but no it really affected a lot to the film in all aspects. The VFX which were looking like an early 20s Gaming Shots with extra Masala.

Cinematographer Karthik Palani too have disappointed a lot as he has struggled very much in all the green screen scenes especially in the fight sequences.

Nasty Pull-offs By Studded Cast-

Prabhas maintained his body for around 2 and half years to play the character of Lord Rama, but all he was lacking was the grace of the character. He was never a hero in the film, people on social media gave terrible reviews to his portrayal. It’s not like Prabhas was never suitable for the role, he has done it in the past in Bahubali. We have seen his graceful character play in both the parts of SS Rajamouli Movies. Was it all the directors magic then?

On the other hand, our Ravan doesn’t look like Ravan but more of a Allaudin Khilji. Saif Ali Khan & Om Raut, this pair have worked before as well in Tanhaji in almost similar roles, where Saif Ali Khan had to play a dangerous villain who is out to kill anyone who’s in his way and Om Raut directed that character in Tanhaji pretty well. But, in Adipurush, Ravan gave all those same vibes and never differentiated it ever.

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