Viral Video: Justin Bieber Performs at Radhika-Anant’s Sangeet, Orry Joins the Singer Onstage

Justin Bieber's performance at Radhika-Anant's sangeet became viral as he enthralled guests with his music. Orry, joining him onstage, added to the excitement of the star-studded event.

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Justin Bieber Performs

Justin Bieber Performs

The Ambani-Merchant sangeet ceremony has taken social media by storm, thanks to an unexpected performance by global pop sensation Justin Bieber, with a surprise appearance by India's newest social media darling, Orry.


Bieber Fever Hits the Sangeet

The Unexpected Guest Performer

In a move that left guests and fans alike in awe, Justin Bieber took to the stage, turning the traditional Indian pre-wedding celebration into an impromptu concert.


Belting Out the Hits

The Canadian superstar treated the audience to a medley of his chart-topping songs, including "Baby," "Sorry," and "Peaches," infusing the night with his signature pop flair.

Orry's Show-Stealing Moment


From Instagram to Center Stage

In a twist no one saw coming, Orhan Awatramani, better known as Orry, made his way to the stage during Bieber's performance.

The Unlikely Duo


The viral video captures Orry, known for his enigmatic social media presence, grooving alongside Bieber, creating an unforgettable moment that perfectly encapsulates the fusion of Western pop culture and Indian high society.

The Performance That Broke the Internet

Social Media Explosion


Within minutes of the video being leaked, #BieberAtAmbaniSangeet and #OrryMeetsBieber started trending across platforms, with fans and celebrities alike sharing their reactions.

Meme-worthy Moments

The internet wasted no time in creating a slew of memes, particularly focusing on Orry's unexpected cameo and his dance moves alongside the global pop star.


Behind the Scenes: How It Happened

Bieber's Secret Arrival

Sources reveal that the Ambanis managed to keep Bieber's performance under wraps, with the singer reportedly arriving in India just hours before the event.


Orry's Spontaneous Decision

Insiders claim that Orry's onstage appearance was unplanned, adding to the night's spontaneity and charm.

Guest Reactions: A Mix of Shock and Delight

Bollywood Stars in Awe

The video shows glimpses of prominent Bollywood celebrities in the audience, their faces a mix of surprise and excitement as Bieber performs.

International Guests Join the Fun

Other international guests at the sangeet can be seen getting into the spirit, dancing along to Bieber's hits and cheering as Orry makes his appearance.

The Ambani-Merchant Touch: Redefining Celebration

Setting New Standards

This star-studded performance is just the latest in a series of extravagant gestures that have come to define Ambani celebrations.

Blending Traditions

The event showcases a unique blend of traditional Indian customs with international entertainment, reflecting the couple's global outlook.

What's Next: Anticipation Builds for the Wedding

More Surprises in Store?

With the sangeet setting such a high bar, guests and fans are eagerly speculating about what other surprises might be in store for the main wedding ceremony.

Bieber's Extended Stay?

Rumors are swirling that Bieber might stick around for more performances, though nothing has been confirmed by the singer's representatives or the Ambani family.

In conclusion, the viral video of Justin Bieber performing at Radhika and Anant's sangeet, complete with Orry's surprise appearance, has captivated audiences worldwide. It's a testament to the Ambani family's ability to create unforgettable moments, blending international star power with India's vibrant cultural traditions. As the video continues to circulate, it's clear that this sangeet ceremony will be remembered as one for the ages, setting a new benchmark for pre-wedding celebrations.

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