Times When Sonakshi Sinha Proved She is a Versatile Actress: Read More

Sonakshi Sinha turns 37 on June 2, and she has been in the film industry since 2010 and acted across various genres


Sonakshi Sinha made her debut with the film, Dabangg, starring opposite Salman Khan. Even with little screen presence, she made herself seen.


Lootera, with a captivating storyline is finally being appreciated by the audiences. Sonakshi Sinha Beautifully captures the essence of her character.


Akira, an action thriller, and Sonakshi Sinha gives an amazing performance as an action star.

Mission Mangal

This movie about ISRO's mission to mars is a star studded ensemble. Among so many talented actresses, Sonakshi Sinha makes her presence known.

Double XL

Sonakshi Sinha has done many films in the comedy genre, with movies like Son of Sardar, Joker and latest one being Double XL.


Sonakshi Sinha does a great job at portraying herself as a brave police officer, and captures the depth and intensity of the character.


Sonakshi Sinha stole the show with her performance in Heeramandi. She portrayed the evil and vengeful Fareedan perfectly and gave one of the best performances of her life.