Shah Rukh Khan Responds to Allu Arjun's Son Singing 'Lutt Putt Gaya', Promises a Fun Musical Exchange

Bollywood's Shah Rukh Khan's playful Twitter exchange with Allu Arjun's son delights fans, hinting at a fun musical crossover.

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Shah Rukh Khan Responds to Allu Arjun's Son Singing Lutt Putt Gaya Promises a Fun Musical Exchange.png

Shah Rukh Khan recently took to Twitter to respond to a sweet video of Allu Arjun's son, Allu Ayaan, singing the song 'Lutt Putt Gaya' from Shah Rukh's film 'Dunki'. In the video, Allu Ayaan can be seen happily singing along to the chorus of the song while sitting in a car, wearing a sports jersey.

In his reply, Shah Rukh Khan thanked the young fan and praised him, saying, “Thank u lil one… you are flower and fire both rolled into one!!! Now getting my kids to practice singing @alluarjun’s Srivalli… ha ha.” Allu Arjun was quick to respond to Shah Rukh's tweet, expressing his gratitude and writing, “Shah Rukh ji … soo sweet of you . Humbled by your sweet msg. Lots of love.”

Fans of both actors were delighted by their interaction on social media, with many expressing their excitement at the prospect of a crossover between Shah Rukh Khan and Allu Arjun's films. Some fans even shared edited images combining characters from both actors' movies.

In addition to his response to Allu Arjun's son, Shah Rukh Khan also commemorated the 30th anniversary of his film 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa', calling it the "sweetest warmest happiest film" he has done and expressing his love for everyone involved in the movie, especially his friend and teacher Kundan Shah.

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Shah Rukh's manager, Pooja Dadlani, also shared a shirtless picture of the actor from a DYavol ad, praising his fitness and jokingly referring to him as a "classic." Shah Rukh responded to the post, asking for new clothes and inquiring about the next drop of DYavolX.

In another post, Shah Rukh responded to a video of John Cena singing his song 'Bholi Si Surat', expressing his appreciation and jokingly suggesting a duet with Cena in the future.

Shah Rukh Khan's last film, 'Dunki', was released in December, and while he has not announced his next project, reports suggest that he will be seen in 'King' alongside his daughter, Suhana Khan.

Overall, Shah Rukh Khan's playful interactions on Twitter have delighted fans and showcased his warmth and humour, adding to the excitement surrounding his upcoming projects.





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