Sanya Malhotra Shines in Jawan, Reflects on Real-life Gorakhpur Tragedy – Grateful Victim Thanks SRK

Bollywood: As Jawan continues to resonate with audiences, Sanya Malhotra's performance leaves an indelible mark – Grateful Victim Thanks SRK. Read on.

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As the highly-anticipated film Jawan hits the theatres, Sanya Malhotra's performance has been nothing short of spectacular. Amidst the star-studded ensemble cast, consisting of Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra’s portrayal of Dr Eram manages to stand out.


Sanya Malhotra's performance leaves an indelible mark

Sanya Malhotra plays a dedicated doctor who strives to address the critical issue of oxygen supply at a government hospital, a crisis that tragically results in the loss of 63 innocent lives. Her character's journey takes a dramatic turn when she is unjustly imprisoned by the government, and accused of dereliction of duty. It's a storyline that draws eerie parallels to real-life events.

Director Atlee's narrative choice appears to draw inspiration from the heart-wrenching 2017 Gorakhpur hospital tragedy, where Dr. Kafeel Khan found himself embroiled in a harrowing ordeal. Dr. Khan's heroic efforts to secure oxygen cylinders for critically ill children were overshadowed by accusations and a legal battle that led to his arrest.


Kafeel took to social media and said: “I haven't seen Jawan but people have been messaging me saying they missed you. There is a lot of difference between the film world and real life. The culprits in the army, health minister etc. get punished But here I and those 81 families are still wandering for justice. Thank you @iamsrk sir and @Atlee_dir sir for raising the social issue.”

As Jawan continues to resonate with audiences, Sanya Malhotra's performance leaves an indelible mark. Her portrayal serves as a poignant reminder of the real-life heroes who face challenges in their unwavering pursuit of justice and truth. Sanya's exceptional acting ensures that her role in Jawan will be remembered for its emotional impact and authenticity.

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