Alizeh Agnihotri Radiates Elegance in All Black Ensemble from Amit Aggarwal's "Core" Collection at "Farrey" Premiere

Bollywood's rising star Alizeh Agnihotri dazzles in Amit Aggarwal's 'Core' collection at 'Farrey' premiere, showcasing the fusion of fashion and cinema glamour.

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Bollywood's rising star, Alizeh Agnihotri, captivated the audience at the premiere of her debut movie "Farrey" in a stunning all-black ensemble curated from designer Amit Aggarwal's latest collection, "Core."


The outfit featured a black silk cape paired with a sleek column skirt, both carefully selected from the "Core" collection, a testament to Amit Aggarwal's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion. The cape, adorned with the signature AA horsehair pleating, showcased the designer's mastery in working with iridescent silk, creating a play of textures that added a touch of ethereal glamour to Alizeh's red carpet look. The ensemble was completed with a tailored twill skirt, highlighting the seamless blend of sophistication and modernity.



Amit Aggarwal, renowned for his avant-garde designs, recently unveiled the "Core" collection at the prestigious Lakmé Fashion Week, where it received resounding acclaim from the media, fashion fraternity, and discerning customers. This collection marries the timeless appeal of classic wardrobe essentials with meticulous craftsmanship and an unerring eye for detail, resulting in unparalleled versatility and artistic panache. Each piece from this collection seamlessly combines comfort and exquisite artistry, epitomizing the designer's vision for luxury ready-to-wear.

The premiere not only marked Alizeh Agnihotri's cinematic debut but also celebrated the seamless integration of fashion and cinema, illustrating the influential role that style plays in storytelling.

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