Aaryan Khan Turned Down Rs 100 Crore Offer From A Major OTT Platforms For His Directorial Debut !

Bollywood: SRK's son Aaryan Khan is set make his directorial debut with web series Stardom. It is reported that he has turned down a whopping price of Rs 120 crore from a major 0TT platforms.

By Sanjana Lama
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Aaryan with his father Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan's oldest son Aaryan Khan is all set to make his directorial debut with a web series Stardom. Ever since this news is out people on social media have gone crazy. Daily new reports come from the sets of Stardom, earlier it was reported that Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh will have a cameo in the six-episode web series. According to the latest report, Aaryan has turned down a whopping amount of Rs 120 crore from a major OTT platfrom. He has decided not to see his series before its completion.


According the media portals, A source close to Aaryan Khan has informed, "that he has rejected the offer, Where flimmakers are signing up for season 3,4 & 5 even before season 1 is complete, look at this boy's integrity and self-confidence. He won't sell his series to any buyer until he is ready with the finished product, post-production editing, and all."

According to the sources, Aaryan has even dropped the idea of Shah Rukh Khan's cameo in the web-series. Earlier, it was anticapted that srk will make a cameo in his son's directorial debut, but Aaryan doesn't want to be judged by people for being privileged at the early stage of his career.

Aaryan Khan's Directorial Journey

Unlike his father and sister, Aaryan Khan has choose a different path for his career. People were waiting to see him onscreen as an actor but he decided to become a director. He always had passion in flimaking rather than acting. He recently launched his own brand named D'YAVOL a street-style clothing brand. He turned director for his advertisement and Shah Rukh Khan was featured in ad for the promotion of his brand. The signature jacket was sold within few minutes in worth lakhs. 

People are excited to see Aaryan's directorial debut web-series "Stardom", expectations are high from him and it will be interseting to see what new he has brought in the platter.

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