Industry didn't had expectation from Gadar.

During the promotion of Gadar 2 movie on TKSS, Sunny Deol shared the story how industry had predicted that Gadar won't be successful. They thought the movie would fail to impress the audience.

Fans made Gadar a super-hit movie

Sunny and Ameesha recalled about those days when they had believed that their movie would fail on box-office. But it was audience and fans who had made the movie super-hit. and it became one the biggest hits of its time.

Regret not visiting Amritsar then- Sunny Deol

While sharing his shooting experience from Gadar's set Sunny Deol recalls how he regrets not visiting Amritsar back then because of busy shooting schedule.

Lakhs of Fans were in Amritsar station-Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma shared that Lakhs of people had visited Amritsar station for a glance of Sunny Deol after the news broke out, he'll visit Amritsar. People in Punjab were crazy for him.

Kapil Sharma recalls his memory from seeing Ameesha on the set.

Kapil Sharma recalls how he was right behind Ameesha Patel during the train sequence in Gadar. When he thought why the actress was not catching train

Kapil recalls tapping Amrish Puri

While sharing his memory Kapil mentioned he was present there in the station. Where Amrish Puri and Ameesha were shooting, and he recalled that he had tapped Amrish Puri's shoulder and he returned and said Kaun Hai yeh.

Ameesha recalls how industry people had asked her not to do movie.

Ameesha shared how people from the industry were concerned about her being too young for playing role of 7-year-old mother. People had asked her to not do the movie. But as we know rest is the history