From Dabangg To Raanjhanaa, B-Town’s Most Sexist Films Till Date!


Well, Bollywood is also a reflection of society in many ways and we have no qualms in saying that Indian society is sexist and so has been a few films. Read on…

Inspiring movies, regressive movies, romantic movies, crappy movies, mushy movies and a lot more. You name it and Bollywood has it all. And how can we forget downright SEXIST movies which make us cringe and wonder how strongly they are influenced with regressive gender-stereotypes. Have a read!

The Punchnama Series : When it first came out, it went down to become the sleepover hit of the year. It has funny punches, commendable performances and a few scenes which were quite relatable. But the one more highlight of the film which made it even more famous or say infamous was that it was quite sexist. The millennial junta have time & again pointed this out that how female characters have been portrayed in the film labeling them as simply gold diggers at times. Nevertheless, the film was entertaining!

Dabangg : Well, the cop-caper starring Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha was set in not that ‘modern times’ but still it seemed like we watched a retro film all thanks to male-dominance, lack of powerful female characters and sexist jokes. Dabangg still remains as one of the most profitable movie-franchises for Salman and the producers. Cringe-worthy dialogues, the ‘ablaa naari‘ mode which was activated by the helpless Rajjo aka Sonakshi and much more such situations, the movie had it all. Sigh!]

Housefull : The talent of credible actresses like Deepika Padukone and Lara Dutta was wasted with a great amount of negligence in this Akshay Kumar starrer film which did great at the BO though. The actresses were just given sultry clothes to wear, groovy songs to groove onto but were not allowed to have brains. Their lives seemed like revolving around matrimonial ads which was  demeaning, annoying and somehow just won’t go away.

Raanjhanaa : The Sonam Kapoor Dhanush starrer film promised to be an eternal love saga of Kundan and Zoya and all thanks to the hard-hitting dialogues, decent story-line and credible performances did help the film to work well among the masses. But did anyone notice how it was a female version of Kabir Singh in a few ways? The film even had Swara Bhasker playing Dhanush’s best friend who was beaten and ulled by the hair mercilessly and without any empathy by the lead actor. Well, any normal girl will easily befriend this kind of a guy in minutes. AND WHY THE F*CK DID ZOYA SLAPPED KUNDAN SO HARD EACH DAY EVERY DAY? Only to fall in love?

So which film do you think has been even more sexist than the one listed above? Tell us in comments below.

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