These Movies Could Have Got Us An Inch Closer To The Oscars, If Only Indian Selectors Sent Them!


Year after year, ceremony after ceremony, we as Indian audiences have been disappointed by seeing the official entries which get selected to represent India at the Oscars. Read on…

in 2012, when Bollywood produced an original classic like Gangs Of Wasseypur which came directly from India’s deeply rooted stories, the Indian selectors sent Barfi as the official entry at the Oscars which was a great film but had frame to frame copied scenes. The ladder sequence at the start of the film looks like a copy from Buster Keaton’s 1922 comedy, Cops. The scene shows Ranbir balancing on a ladder while cops try to pull him down and obviously the movie did not made it any further.

Indian selectors sent the much acclaimed Gully Boy for the coveted Oscars this time but it failed to even make it the final list of nominees. Can you guess why it happened despite the movie being all about content-driven? The film had certain (unintended) reference from 8 Miles which must have been noticed by the Oscar jury given that Hollywood film was such a big hit! And we wasted another year and several movies which had originality in them right from the story to the screenplay! How we wish these movies could have been the official entries to the Oscars from India and our fortunes might have changed!

Article 15 starring Ayushmann Khurrana is a terrific film and the right example of the kind of movies which might have won big at the Oscars if only it was selected as an official entry. From a totally moving and true story about what minor castes in Indian villages go through to path-breaking performances by the whole cast, it had all the elements to be a winner!

Oscars focuses on rewarding true talent and disregards all copies and rehashes without even thinking. The fantasy-drama Tumbbad was a movie which made a solid impact on the critics as well as the viewers for being super gripping & edging. The film has a cult status as of now and was inspired from a Marathi folk-tale and definitely had all the scopes at being global and bringing glory to the nation.

If these things continue in the years to come, forget the wins, even making it to the nominations impossible!

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