BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals How Her Fellow Members Lisa, Jennie, And Jisoo Shown Their Heart-Felt Support Before & After Release Of Solo Album

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Recently BLACKPINK‘s Rosé released her 1st solo album, R, and shared how her fellow members supported her before and after the release of a solo album.

During the press conference, she 1st revealed how each member showed their support after the album got released.

Rosé said that Jennie showed her support through her actions as she made Rosé cute gifts including jewelry with Hank, her dog’s name, engraved on it. Jisoo gave her heartfelt words of encouragement while Lisa praised her song and video to the staff members

Rose reads out the message of Jisoo that was written on the tiny gift message. Jisoo said, ‘I hope you do everything that your heart wishes this time. Just try to do everything you want.”

Jisoo posted several stories on Instagram to celebrate the release of R.

In stories caption it was written, “Finally!! Please anticipate it lots.”

In another story Jisoo written “Our Chaeng’s song is out. It’s a lifetime [best] song!

Even fans found out that Jisoo commented on Rosé’s live broadcast with the comment “Chaeyoung ❤️” (Rosé’s Korean name) to show how she’s paying close attention to the video.

All the three members sent her words of encouragement that she read aloud during the broadcast. Jisoo warmly said, “BLACKPINK’s pride, our voice genius, Rosé. Chaengie! You’ve waited long for your first solo, so do everything you want and I hope you make many happy memories with BLINKs.”

Lisa  said, Please give lots of love to cutie Rosé’s solo, my twin.”

BLACKPINK's Lisa And Rosé Reveal How Much They Relied On Each Other During  Their Trainee Days - Koreaboo

Also Rose also Revealed how members also supported her while she was making album R and what they mean to her.

Rose said, “The members did the things I had to do, together with me. But (in a solo album), the things I have to do and take responsibility for the increase as well, so I think I hugely felt that empty space. While preparing for the solo promotions, I felt it even more so that there’s so much to learn from while promoting as a group.”

Rosé shared that it was through R that she truly realized how precious the growth and development as a group was to her, as well as how precious the members themselves were.

She further shares, “The members each cheered me on a lot. I felt just how much strength others’ support gives you. I felt even more reassured. Jennie unnie gave me gifts cutely and video called me. Jisoo unnie told me how happy she was (for me) while saying I should do everything I want to during these promotions. Lisa also went around saying to the staff how cool I was. I was very thankful.”

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