Blackpink Kim Jennie: A Perfect Balance Of Power, Sensuality & Unlimited Charms, A Style That Makes Us Go Gaga!

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Today 16th January is BLACKPINK’s  Jennie’s 25th birthday and we are addressing it in quite a different way displaying her fierce and confident yet shy and cute personality through her fashion. Jennie is not called the “Jensetter” for nothing. Given below are 8 such fashion styles that show us the shades of Jennie.

1. Shirkers

Ever thought about what a “shirt”  is. This outerwear item blends the thickness of a jacket with the design of a shirt. Tickets are perfect for springtimes, and Jennie is one of the idols making them popular.

2. Pastel water-dye

Colour shade from peach to lavender and sky blue, pastel colors have become quite big in fashion. There are reports that Jennie is one of the idols who showed off a comfortable pastel look.
Jennie combined all the shades of the pastel rainbow with this water-dye cardigan. This gives quite a cute look to the singer.

3. Lingerie look
As per the singers, a wild sense of fashion undergarments are no longer meant to be under your clothes.  the lingerie look is one of the biggest most loved fashion looks on the idols, Jennie.

Jennie showing off an athleisure lingerie look when she wore a sports bra under her denim one-piece dress giving out the bold fierce look that she has.

4. Brooches
Jackets can be worn in many unique ways and one such way is wearing jackets with brooches, something G-Dragon and Jennie have been doing recently. It does give us a general warm look towards Jennie when appeared in this outfit.

5. Cropped cardigans
At this time many agree that cropped cardigans are one of the major trends right now, and it’s all thanks to girl group idols. Jennie appears to be in a cream white crop cardigan which looks very cute on her.

6. Tweed
Jennie wore a white tweed jacket with denim accents from Sandro Paris at the airport. This outfit gave us the classy bossy side of the idol.

7. Pendant necklaces
Necklace styles are gaining slow ground right now for fashion fans who love to accessorize. Jennie has proven how a pendant necklace can go with any outfit whether it be casual to formal.

8. Floral dresses
Last but not least, the evergreen floral dresses. Jennie appearing in a flower-patterned shirt looking adorably cute.

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