Birthday Special: These 5 Songs Of Sonu Nigam Will Always Be Soulful And Struck The Emotional Chord!

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Sonu Nigam is one of the most popular singers specially known for his songs in the era of 90s. However his voice is always mesmerizing and he is a living legend in the music industry. He is still ruling over the hearts of many through his melodious songs. His songs and music is and will always remain exceptional. He is fondly known as Modern Rafi and the Lord Of The Chords. His songs leave his aficionados in awe.

Today the singer turns a year older and fans are pouring best birthday wishes for him. His songs will make the listeners feel all the emotions. He is a music sensation. He narrates the story in the musical form.

Let’s take a look at his 5 songs that are soulful which surely rolls down tears from our eyes.

Sandese Aate Hai

No song will ever portray the emotions of soldiers than this song. It is a 10-minute song from the movie Border but is the best song, which shows how Indian armed forces cope up with their lives while being on duty and away from their families, the sentiments they have and how they always keep nation above everything even lives. This songs breaks us in tears.

Bhagwan Hai Kaha Re Tu

This song from the film PK is very emotional and at the same time devotional. It is story of a devotee who is in search for God to get rid of his problems as everyone gives him one hope that god will help you to solve your problem. He believes that god will show him the correct way to tackle the problem. It is a prayer from a devotee to the god that comes from within!

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

It is one of the most popular songs sung by the artist. This song is from the film Agneepath released in 2012. It is an all time chartbuster song. This song is about how one man finds hope to live his life. And he realizes the importance of living the moment. It is a soul touching heart-wrenching melody.

Kal Ho Na Ho

This song has asked everyone to make the most of the present and stop worrying about the future and live each and every moment of life. It also tells how life works how there are ups and downs in life we have to overcome it. The song is the title track of the film Kal Ho Na Ho. The song is very intense and full of sentiments.

Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe

This song is about friendship and love. It displays the affection between three friends. The friends are even ready to fight the god but not let their friend die. And they won’t let him go easily. Nigam has sung this song very well and has poured in emotions. It touches the heart.

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