From Warm Traditional Outfits To Cool Modern Dapper Look, Hrithik Roshan Is Handsome In Any Attire!

From Warm Traditional Outfits To Cool Modern Dapper Look, Hrithik Roshan Is Handsome In Any Attire!

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One of the talented human rises from Bollywood industry, someone who’s a graceful dancer, versatile actor, lives in fashion, sharp fit body, most desirable man, sexiest man, kind-hearted, never getting old. Yes, we are talking about none other than Hrithik Roshan!

There’s never less to praise such human beings, who’s been made carefully by God.

For example – Greek God is so good at a fashion that which is an undeniable fact. Be it over ethnic wear or simple kurta, casual or a perfectly dressed gentleman, he is handsome anyways!

  • This thickly embroidered kurta, having golden beads on the color side with a red border and golden buttons is looking so beautiful on Hrithik! A perfect man for a girl who wants to marry a traditional guy.
  • Posing attitudely in all black plain kurta and pajama, just a watch at his right wrist and casual footwear.

Same outfit, but now the actor has added a navy-blue muffler around his neck, looks so cool! Adding an elegant touch.

  • Another one in traditional, wear Roshan is spread all Roshan (light) around in this all-white kurta pajama paired with a blue coat (probably known as Nehru jacket). A simple yet ingenious!
  • Oh my god! This one is so dapper, Hrithik in paired a turtle neck sweatshirt with a maroon denim jacket paired with beige color pants and black sportive shoes. Styling in a way with those glasses and a cool cap almost matching with his pants!
  • There’s something magic in this turtle neck sweatshirts, looks modish in this next look ZNMD actor paired bottle green color sweatshirt with a blazer setting his hair perfectly and smart black goggles, with his hands in pockets posing in front of camera is so delight to our eyes!
  • He is all gentleman in suit wear, be it any blazer formals Hrithik looks classy always! You can see it in the below pictures –
  • Be it full sleeves hoodie or sleeveless, looks contemporary anyways!
  • Flowing his shirt off gracefully by wearing a t-shirt inside it and sunglasses on is such a refreshing style to take on.
  • Being all casual with a plain shirt paired with denim or formal pants, Akbar knows how to create a go to stunning look!
  • In this printed t-shirt paired with a navy-blue jacket with beige pants along with chains and different kind of bands on his wrist reckon like a degree college going, guy. Being in his late 40s, gazing like a youngster.
  • Can how to forget Hrithik Roshan going shirtless, but going not fully shirtless he’s wearing a hoodie jacket kept open and flaunting his sharpy hot abs!

And don’t forget to read the caption below the picture ^_^

Last but important one, don’t forget to wear a wide smile on your face! While Krrish has it on him always.

Got it? One of the best actors from the industry slays in any outfit effortlessly! Can bring any unexpected style into the trend, one of the most handsome faces who never walk out of and never snapped out of style.

Here PopDiaries is wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the natural hunk with a precious talent and the sweetest heart!

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