Birthday Special: 6 Times Shah Rukh Khan Proved To Be The Most Chivalrous Man Ever!

Birthday Special: 5 Times Shah Rukh Khan Proved To Be The Most Chivalrous Man Ever!

Shah Rukh Khan is known for so many things in our lives, for some he is the inspiration, for some the king of romance, for some the idol star they look upto and for some he is the goals to be the gentleman any woman would want in their life.

It’s no secret that SRK is the guidebook for every man to impress the girls in their life. From spreading their arms in the air to using his dialogues, he is an epitome of love to one and all.

However, the most basic thing in Shah Rukh Khan that leaves a lasting impression is his chivalry. Even if tried, we won’t find a man as chivalrous as Shah Rukh Khan in the industry.

Here are the moments when Shah Rukh Khan proved that he is the most chivalrous man and went out of his way to show his love, respect and chivalry as a gentleman.

A superstar surely doesn’t need to do this but a chivalrous man will always do that and that’s SRK for you! 

Not everyday, every star comes forward and reveals their secret to a woman’s heart, here’s Shah Rukh Khan’s way of winning women with sheer respect and chivalry! 

Also chivalry is not just for one particular gender but also extends to his fraternity brothers. He always escorts his male friends till their car with equal care and love! #BeatThat

No man would so beautifully put forward a woman’s quest for empowerment until they understand women so well, that’s where he draws his chivalry from. 

Also, take a note, even in the presence of the son, the superstar shows his love and chivalry because that’s in his bloodline! 

Whether it’s his wife or a fan at an event, his hands always extend for that perf support! 

Such countless moments are there in the history of Bollywood and we cannot really articulate them but honestly, on his birthday we definitely feel that Shah Rukh Khan has outdone himself, set standards so high that girls expect the same kinda respect and chivalry from the man in their life!

Well, now is that fair or not? That’s for you guys to decide. We wish our favorite SRK a very happy birthday. Let him lead the legacy of stardom and chivalry forever and more!

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