The most loved superstar host Salman Khan is back with the second season of Bigg Boss OTT! Fans are overjoyed !

BBOTT2: After the rumours broke out that Salman Kha would not continue hosting BBOTT2 fans were disheartened but there is good news for all bb lovers Superstar Salman is back in the show.

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan is undeniably the most loved superstar who enjoys a massive loyal fanbase across the globe. It's absolute evidence of his spectacular screen presence that the audience always craves to watch him more on the screen. The evidence of the same is standing right in the front as he has been a constant host of the most loved television reality show, Bigg Boss. As Bigg Boss served the audience with unparalleled entertainment, Salman Khan has been a big highlight and of course, the most loved host who has been standing on the stage as a host for more than a decade now and is now back with the second season of Bigg Boss OTT. 

Salman is back in the show

It's indeed Salman Khan's connection with the audience that has always made the audience demand to watch more of him on the show. After Bigg Boss paved a long path on television, it made its entry on the OTT grounds, and concerning the audience demand, he came back as a host. It's well justified that Salman Khan is a celebrity who is a superstar across the platform. The loyalty of his massive fanbase is well clarified by the fact that the audience has demanded his return to Bigg Boss OTT.  Luckily, their demand is well fulfilled with the superstar came back to host the OTT season 2 of Bigg Boss. This is indeed a treat for the millions of Salman Khan fans that they can able to enjoy watching their favorite host on Bigg Boss. 
Salman Khan's charm, emotional connection with the contestants, and boundless energy keep the audience attached to the show. It's definitely irreplaceable. With Bigg Boss touching new heights of popularity with every season, Salman Khan is indeed a big reason for the same, and it is truly an example of his extensive fandom that fans only wanted to watch the superstar on Bigg Boss and as a matter of fact they indeed got an absolute treat as the superstar continues to be the host of the show till now. Salman is back in the show ith a bang.
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