BBOTT2: Post Eviction Jiya Shankar In An Interview Revealed Her Top 2 Contestants And Expressed She Was Hurt!

BBOTT2: Big Boss finale is 2 days away and just before its finale Jiya Shankar got evicted from the house in mid-week eviction. In her latest interview she revealed her top 2.

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Jiya Shankar

Big Boss OTT 2 is at its final stage and the finale of the show is on August 14.  Just few days ago Jiya Shankar got evicted from the house in mid-week elimination. Post her eviction Jiya Shankar got into candid chat and in her latest interview she expressed, that she was happy with her journey and was super proud of herself for reaching this far in the game. She revealed, "that after coming out of the house she got to know about many people that were talking behind her back and she said she dose'nt hold grudges for anyone". She talked about her equation with Abhishek Malhan, "She said he is special for her and she is hurt by him after knowing many things that have happend behind her back and she knows that he has been manupliated by many people who have said diffrent things about her and she does'nt have any bad feeling for him". 


She revealed that, for her top two contestants are both Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav and she thinks both of them have equal chances to win the show. But from her heart she wants Abhishek to win the show. 

Avinash Sachdev roots for Elvish Yadav and Pooja Bhatt

Ex contestant Avinash Sachdev who got evicted a week ago revealed that he wants Pooja Bhatt and Elvish Yadav to win the show. He said, "Elvish can make history by becoming the first wild card contestant for winning the title but i want Pooja Bhatt to win as well. I want Elvish and Pooja to be the top 2 contestants of the show".

The race for the trophy is going on between Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav. Both of them are emerging as the top 2 contestants of the show. Both of them have a strong fan base and they are actively participating in voting for their favourties. From ex- contestants to many celebirities to audience have predicted that both of them will be the top two contestants and the trophy is coming to the YouTube community. 

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