Big Boss OTT2: Jiya Shankar Aced the Torture Task and Remains the Captain of the House

Big Boss OTT2: The house has their new captain Jiya Shankar. Her captaincy has brought new storm in the house. Check out how she aced the torture task.

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Jiya Shankar acing torture task

Salman Khan's show Big Boss OTT2 is going on full swing each day big boss brings in  new tasks and challenges for the contestants. Which creates havoc among the contestants and their bonds are tested. Each day the house keeps buzzing with fights, argument and tasks. In the latest episode Jiya Shankar was made the captain of the house by a task. Her captaincy has bought spice to the house from the moment she became captain she had a huge fight with Manisha Rani over a bedroom issue. Which led to heated argument with Abhishek Malhan and Bebika dhruve. 


Big Boss gave housemates a chance to dethrone jiya shankar from captaincy by a torture task.

Torture tasks have a well know history in big boss house. To add more spice in the heated environment big boss gave housemates a chance to dethrone Jiya Shankar. A torture task was set up for her where she was supposed to seat on a throne for 3 hours. Housemates were given 3 hours to remove her from the capataincy. Only 3 contestants actively took part in the task. To torture her they used items like shave lotion, shaving foam, handwash, red chilly powder, eggs and many other stuff. She was seen in tears of pain and she even got furious at them. While other contestants like Avinash Sachev, Falak Naaz, Jad Hadid, Pooja Bhatt and Cyrus were looking like an audeince who barely tried to participate in tasks. Jiya survied the torture task and was able to remain on the throne for 3 hours. She remains the captain of the house. Co-contestant like Abhishek Malhan was seen praising her perfromance in the torture tasks. Earlier she was called dumb and weak by contestants and audience. But after acing the task audience are appreciating her on social media for her brillant perfromance. It will be intersting to watch more new drama under Jiya's captaincy in the upcoming epidoes. 

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