Bigg Boss 14: here is how Jyotika Dilaik stood strong on social media for Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla

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Rubina Dilaik is already winning hearts but her sister Jyotika Dilaik who have entered the house as Rubina’s supporter is grabbing eyeballs.

As she entered she has got into arguments with Rahul and Jasmin. Before coming inside the house Jyotika understood Rubina’s side and supported her in all the interviews she gave before entering the house!

Here are moments when Jyotika stood strong beside her sister Rubina Dilaik.

  1. When Salman Khan said Abhinav is getting benefited by Rakhi

In a WKW when Salman Khan said Abhinav is getting benefitted by Rakhi’s entertainment Jyotika Dilaik tweeted an equal question to the viewers, “Agar Rakhi entertainer hai uska sabse zyada fayda kisse hai?” was the question the yesterday’s episode.
Now my question is, isn’t Rubina entertaining? Uska sabse zyada fayda kisse hai?
Kis tarha ka entertainment dekhna chate hai aap?”

  1. When Salman slammed Abhinav for not supporting Rubina

When Salman slammed Abhinav for not supporting Rubina, Jyotika took her Jiju’s side and wrote beautifully, “Kabhi kabhi sabko gussa ajata hai and no-one is perfect. Realising your mistake is a big thing. We still love you @ashukla09 and NATION LOVES RUBINA.”

  1. Rahul and RubiNav’s fight

Rahul and Rubina, Abhinav are enemies and always fights but when Rahul started questioning Abhinav to come this far Jyotika from outside supported them and jotted, “#AbhinavShukla has reached so far in the show that too in single go i mean ek bar bhi ghar se beghar nahi hue.

BigBoss14 itna easy to nahi hai ki koi bhi mazze mazze mai itni agy pahunch jae.

Itna ghamand sahi nahi ki khud ko ap Raja smjho or dusro ko khak.”

  1. When Rubina disclosed their secret

When Rubina disclosed their secret everyone started bashing her that how can you spread this news on national television. Even though Jyotika was unaware of the news still she stood by her sister and tweeted, “To National T.V pe kyu bolegai ye baat” this is what she said.
Shall we ask her the details about her incident? Will it make sense? And most importantly how good will she herself feel being asked about it so politely, as she is doing,that too on “National T.V?”

“Everyone shared their secrets in yesterday’s episode and also i’m sure it must have been very difficult for their families as well!
But people making a mockery out of it is something very disappointing and rude on their part!

BigBoss14 taught us well that why secrets are secrets!”

  1. Jasmin and Rubina’s fight

When friends became foes, Jyotika talked about her sister’s pure friendship and wrote, “Agar @RubiDilaik kisi ko apna dost manti thi to unhone uska sath galat mai bhi diya taki unka honsla na tute….
But unki dost to kahi bhi unka sath na de pai!!

OurPrideRubina we love you for what you are!!”

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