Bigg Boss 14 Ep 22 Highlights: Housemates Astonished With Kavita Kaushik, Naina Singh And Shardul Pandit’s Entry In Bigg Boss 14 & Kavita Kaushik Became New Captain Of The House


Weekend Ka Vaar on Sunday started with actor Salman Khan wishing Happy Dusshera to all. Host Salman Khan pulled Jasmin’s leg. He asked Rubina why Jasmin behaves the way she is, Rubina answered, she is scared of giving reactions that can harm her reputation which she has created in the show.

Soon after that, Bigg Boss housemates’ gets a fabulous surprise as dance queen Nora Fatehi and rapper Guru Randhawa steps into the house of BB. Contestants and the celebs both enjoy, show their moves of the latest track ‘Naach Meri Rani.’ Nora is appreciated by the host Salma Khan. He said, even though Nora did not do well in her season but after getting out of BB she worked hard and she has become what she is today.

Later, Nora haves a fun test with male participants of BB 14. Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Sanu said that Nikki Tamboli is their ‘Dil ki rani’ while Eijaz said Nora is his ‘Dil ki rani’ and compliments her that she is ‘hot’ and a ‘great dancer.’ Rahul, Jaan, and Guru Randhawa conduct a small jam session where they sing for Nikki Tamboli. The contestants and Salman Khan as well danced to Nora’s song Garmi and they had blast.

Immediately after Salman announced that there will be wild card entries happening this comes as a shocker for the contestants already in the house. Salman Khan welcomed Kavita Kaushik and Naina Singh in the house. Slaman introduces both of them and takes the BB14 quiz. Both of them are asked questions and maximum questions were answered by Naina Singh and she won the quiz.

Later, Shardul Pandit made his entry in BB14. Salman welcomed him and Shardul sheared about his problems and also said that he will become COVID for the housemates. Shardul was asked to give every contestant an animal name if BB14 was a zoo.

According to Shardul, Jasmin is Jerry of Tom & Jerry, Pavitra is a wild cat, Jaan is a honey Bee, Rubina is a fox, Rahul is a woodpecker, Nikki is a crow, and Eijaz is a hyena. Shradul tried to flirt with two new wildcard entries—Kavita and Naina. Shardul recalled the moment and said, Naina had sit on his lap as they have earlier worked together. However, Naina was not comfortable with this comment and indirectly warned him that he has given her a reason to mess with him in the house.

 Bigg Boss announced a new task for the contestants called the ‘Game of 60 Minutes.’ The task is to decide who is seen the most in the house and who is most invisible. The tags were kept of different minutes like 23 minutes, 17 minutes, nine minutes, one minute 50 seconds, and 30 seconds. All the contestants said which tag they deserve however, they couldn’t come to any conclusion and thus BB intervened.

Host Salman Khan introduced the three wildcard contestants as the weekend panel and gives decision-making power to them. Naina, Shardul, and Kavita say 23 minutes for Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia together. They agree with Rubina Dilaik’s slot which is 17 minutes. They assign 5 minutes slot to Nikki Tamboli. Jaan Kumar Sanu gets 3 minutes slot. Rahul Vaidya gets 2 minutes slot, and finally, Nishant Singh Malkani gets a 1:30 minutes slot. Abhinav Shukla gets 30 seconds slot.

The house contestants were asked who will go in the red zone from the three wildcard entries. Everyone gives out their opinions. Rahul Vaidya, Jasmin Bhasin, Nikki Tamboli, and Pavitra Punia voted for Naina, Eijaz Khan and Abhinav Shukla voted for Shardul whereas Rubina Dilaik votes for Kavita.

Kavita despite getting one vote against her Salman Khan announced that she will go to the Red Zone. But along with that she also became the captain of the house.

Housemates welcomed three newcomers in the house and try to talk and make friends with them. Everyone gives them advice. Kavita tells all the contestants to be themselves and gives her opinion of what she feels about them.

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