Despite Bigg Boss 13’s Start To End Violence & Abuse, The Contestants Are Looked Upon And It’s Downright Shameful!


Bigg Boss has been synonymous with violence, abusive fights, calling out demeaning names and much more. Still, the contestants are idolized!

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Bigg Boss 13 has been in news for the most infamous reasons which include the ugly fights, abusive language etc and the most viral contestants have easily been those who seem to have a mastery on such things. The host of Bigg Boss 13Salman Khan recently announced on the show that this particular season has broken all TRP records on Indian television. Well, the reasons are obvious! Non stop fights, bitchy comments, intense verbal exchanges and much more. Not to forget, the contestants have made sure that they shout at the peak of their voices all day long and leave no grace in their demeanour.

Our only question remains that how these contestants who have got no patience & class and have been ugly & inhuman in their behavior countless times during their stay inside the house still remain national heroes and are heavily admired by the Indian audience?! If one can get a huge fan-following by being more aggressive than being more humble, it shows the state of the country and the mindset of people. Clearly, we as a country needs the right kind of education from the schools and a healthy frame of mind to start avoiding content like Bigg Boss which prefers watching something meaningful.

Moreover, it has been said & written thousand times that Bigg Boss is heavily scripted and lacks originality. While it is open for assumption, many media-portals have shown solid proofs supporting the fact that it is scripted and if it is, what are these contestants doing except acting it all out as advised by the makers. And if these actions eventually make them National crushes and big time influencers, we really need to reflect our choices and start thinking whether they actually deserve it or not?

The contestants over the years especially in this particular season have been derogatory towards women and have been always ready to raise their hands when provoked. We wonder how such violence is liked by the audience to an extent that it becomes addictive and they got nothing to do post the season ends to stream on television or websites. Have we really lost it and have forgotten how to chose prolific content over the mediocre ones? Well, we need to introspect surely as an audience! Please tell your thoughts in comments below.

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