Big Boss 14: The house of enemies and full of fights

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The most controversial show of Indian Television ‘Bigg Boss’ is incomplete without showdowns! And that is perhaps one of the major reasons why there are small or big altercations happening everyday. Let’s take a look on the nastiest fights happened in the house of Bigg Boss!

  1. Arshi and Vikas’s major showdown!

Recalling the major controversies in Big Boss 14, immediately one major clash pops up in our minds and that is Vikas pushing Arshi Khan inside the pool. The fight started, when Arshi mocked Vikas for his prediction. Both got physically aggressive with each other. Arshi also threatened him to hit with a pan. Then the fight took a massive ugly turn. Things turned worst when Arshi commented on Vikas’s personal life where his mother was also involved, as a result of which Vikas then lost his cool and pushed Arshi inside the pool which ended in Big Boss showing him the exit door.

  1. Jasmin and Rahul Vaidya’s battle

No one can ever forget the fight between Jasmin and Rahul. After warning so many times, Rahul had used a bit of his force to throw jasmine out of the task. But the actress was seen then seen yelling and throwing things on the ground also pouring water on the latter.

  1. The biggest question of the decade, Kavita and Eijaz are friends or enemies?

Eijaz and Kavita had started on a good note. But their friendship took an ugly turn when Kavita denied their friendship. In one particular episode, both of them came physically close to each other and then a verbal spat took place between the duo over kitchen duties. The fight again got worse and Kavita ended up pushing Eijaz. The FIR actress then advertently walked out of the show

  1. Nasty fight between the love birds of Big Boss 14: Eijaz and Pavitra

The two had shared a total different bond inside the house. From romance to a nasty fight. It all started when Pavitra nominated Eijaz for elimination. Later on, Eijaz took his revenge and saved Jasmin over her. Pavitra felt betrayed thus there was a major tussle.

Enemies of the Big Boss 14: Rubina and Rahul

Rahul and Rubina’s war of words had become the talk of the town. Almost in every episode, the duo locked their horns. But during one particular captaincy task were things got overheated where both bashed each other like anything. Later on, Salman Khan grilled both of them for their behaviour.

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