Big Boss 14: All About Eijaz’s re-entry, feelings for Pavitra and many more…

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Eijaz Khan’s sudden withdrawal from the game because of his prior commitments for work has left the viewers disappointed.

According to the BT report, this tough decision he took just 4 weeks before the show’s finale because, according to the original schedule the show was supposed to be ended on 16th Jan and Eijaz’s contract with the game was till then. On the contrary, the shoot for Eijaz’s new project was postponed in February last year, there were talks about the shoot getting restated. At that point Eijaz chose Big Boss because he was not sure about the dates of his new project. But now as it has started, and that’s why he decided to quit the show.

Re-entries are common in Big Boss, in this edition Vikas, Kavita, Nikki, Rahul have re-entered in the game. But for Eijaz, initially, makers said it is impossible for Eijaz to come again as it is few weeks are left for the finale. But then they said that they will do something. Eijaz has said that he has given his blood, sweat and tears to the show. So he feels that his followers will feel cheated if he just leaves the show like that. And now his primary responsibility is to come back in the show and bag the trophy.

Amidst, Devoleena has entered in the show as Eijaz’s proxy, Eijaz met Devoleena for the first time and it seems that both have similarities as in the task both came on the conclusion mutually.

People think that Eijaz’s relationship with Pavitra was a game strategy, but he highlighted this topic and said Pavitra is a tough but soft-hearted girl. She is the most caring person he knows. After he left his dad, he has spent the longest time alone. They are not kids and not in the dating game. Both have faced their heartbreak. Moreover, he feels that people who think this relationship is fake are fake themselves.

Taking forward their relationship Eijaz thinks, Every decision will be taken mutually, which comes with spending time together. He was scared when he was inside the house.

Eijaz and Pavitra have already met each other’s families. On the other hand, Eijaz is also fond of Pavitra’s broher.

Eijaz’s says he loves Pavitra. And the intentions are honest and pure.

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