From Ananya Panday, Kareena Kapoor Khan To Alaya F, Bollywood Divas Spill How You Can Get Your Own Sun-kissed Beauty Kit!

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2019 was the year of the VSCO girl but it did not last long as her spot was quickly seized by the cottagecore movement in the following couple of months. As an unusual pandemic monopolised the year, tropical locales got traded for backyard gardens instead, inviting the rise of the cottagecore movement which in simple terms, gives away the aesthetic of someone spending their days in an idyllic cottage by the countryside.
As we head into the year of 2021 which is full of uncertainty, there is some satisfaction in the ethical bliss of the slow life. If you’re looking to invite the same feelings to your beauty routine, here are five chic ways that will help you back on track.

1.Sun-kissed glow

This is the easiest less stressful mantra to take the centre stage in your beauty routine by freeing heavy-duty foundations in favour of light-to-medium coverage formulas with the good-for-you ingredients that will help your face glow under the sun’s last rays at golden hour. The important factor is that you have to merely even out the skin tone.

2. Flushed cheeks

The clean aesthetic of the cottagecore movement turns complete focus on rosy, flushed cheeks.  Leave the saturated pigments behind on the closet and instead, go for sheer finishes that sink into the skin for a flushed from the inside glow.

3. Full brows

If you cannot differentiate between your brow pomades from your volumising gels, don’t start now. Observe someone, how they present themselves mainly who spends her days in the countryside, and not in a salon chair. Letting your brows free from the salon lets it grow even beautifully. Bushy brows which are never been tweezed before are shining in the spotlight.

4. Fluttery lashes

In simpler terms, if lashes are bigger then it has more potential. Yet, it might be time to place those formulas to a pause using light, fluttery lashes that require minimal care, so you can spend your time at chill and easing by the sunset instead. Lightweight formulas will be your friend in this journey for wispy lashes, but you’ll have to avoid the desire to go back for a second coat to keep the au naturel look prominent.

5. Stained lips

As the last step to country-life bliss, you’ll have to give up the heavy-duty liquid mattes and start using lip stains and tinted salves for just-kissed lips that slot in well with the romanticism central to the idea of cottagecore. Colours can vary from rosy pinks to cherry reds, but here the key is the finishing of your style—sheer tints or a neat wash of colour, only.

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