Beat That Mid-week Blues Away With Fitspiration From Tiger Shroff, As He Sweats It Out On Casanova!

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Jai Hemanta Shroff aka Tiger Shroff is the son of famous Bollywood superstar Jackie Shroff. Before that start of his acting career, he used to play football and very good at it. To his knowledge at the time football was a slow-growing and not so famous sport in India so he shifted all his focus in his acting skills following up to his debut in “Heropanti” directed by Sabir Khan, which was released in 2014. From then on the actor has known nothing but success having 2 of his recent hit action movies War and Baaghi 3. These movies were heavily targeted on the body and physic of the actor. The way he presented himself in these with the bulky toned body and the 8 pack abs, he just blew away all the fitness standards set by others.

Tiger idolizes Bruce Lee and is trained in martial arts. Tiger is enthusiastic about working out and goes to the gym every day without a break. He also practises kickboxing and gymnastics to carve his physique.  Today we have gathered for you some tips and guidelines along with exercise routine followed by the “Baaghi” actor himself.
Being at a height of 5’10” and weighing over 70kgs Tiger has a massive diet plan which covers all his nutrition that his body needs. He does not drink or smoke which is a great thing if one has to be determined to develop physic.

Planning your workout with each part focused on each day is beneficial as your body is not strained by overwork. As mentioned above Tiger idolizes Bruce Lee and has also practised martial arts- Tae Kwan Do and Wushu. Along with that he has created and maintained a full-body workout schedule. According to his social media, Monday is his Back day include exercise like pull-ups (12sets), lateral machine pull-downs (4sets), low and one-arm dumbbell rolls of 100 kgs(4sets). On Tuesday he has his Chest day which includes flat bench (12sets), 12 sets of incline bench, 12 sets of dumbbell press and 12 sets of chest flye. Wednesday is the Legs day having exercises like 4 sets of squats with weights, 4 sets of hamstrings curls with weights, 4 sets of step-ups, 4 sets of barbells, 4 sets of free squats. Thursday being the Arms day he does 12 sets of Olympic barbell curls, 12 sets of dumbbell curls, 12 sets of reverse curls,12 sets of close grip barbell presses, 12 sets of press downs and, 12 sets of skull crushers. On the Shoulders, the day on Friday his workout contains, 12 sets of knee and shoulder press, 12 sets of military press, 6 sets of lateral raises with dumbbells, 6 sets of lateral raises, and 12 sets of rear flies. Now Saturday is a full-body work out which actually has a light circuit of, 12 sets of deadlifts, 12 sets of squats, 12 sets of kneel and press and 12 sets of plyometric push-ups. Sunday is focused on abs with exercises like 12 sets of crunches, 12 sets of hanging reverse crunches, 12 sets of 10 kg weight loaded reverse crunches, and 12 sets of standing and seated calf presses.

He has been a great inspiration for many actors or youngsters who are wanting to develop a body with muscle cuts and 8 pack abs. We can clearly say looking at his Instagram handles the efforts he puts in maintaining and developing is the body. Posting workout videos along with motivational speakings for people to gain a fit and healthy life, Tiger has become a beacon of fitness in India.

Given below are the posts where you can see Tiger in his workout routines:

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