B'Day Special - Vijay Deverakonda: The Actor Who Unknowingly Make Us Go Crazy Over Him Through His Different Looks & Charm!

B’Day Special – Vijay Deverakonda: The Actor Who Unknowingly Make Us Go Crazy Over His Different Looks & Charm!

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Vijay Deverakonda is one of a man who faced a lot of struggle in his life, from a budding artist who use to give various auditions and acted for small roles to now a Pan Indian star! From featuring in stage shows to recently featured in a Forbes list, from his tough days to now doing different charities and help on his birthday for sure also on other days also now being an owner of a clothing brand that is named after his fans ‘Rowdy’, from a Telugu state to a global heartthrob sensation. And Vijay’s hard work is a true inspiration!

Birthdays are always special and today marking the born day of Vijay Deverakonda is so special for his beloved fans and followers. Talking about the heartthrob, he is something! Who make go crazy and fall in love unknowingly with his performances, the sweet gesture that he does for the people, through his different looks that charms us anyway also most importantly his smile and personality!

The Brand called 'Vijay Devarakonda'
  • Talking about the actor’s several looks in the films his mid-long hair and beard has what made us fall in love, in which we cannot imagine him without it that has fixedly suited him, though in movies or on the outside. But his simple hair look and light beard with simple also has also charmed us away for example from Dear Comrade and further he opted for another two looks in the same film, wow!
  • Don’t know what magic Geetha Govindham flick has but it has completely changed our view on Vijay that he can play such a pleading character with his all captivating looks in the film and the songs which added extra beauty to him.
  • Who taught a school or college-going guy with big specs will make it this big one day and rule in many hearts with his extraordinary photoshoots that strike us immediately which do not take even a second to make us fall for him!

Can you tell me fans? What is that one thing of him that you can never get enough of and that one thing which immediately makes you fall in love with him? Comment down below in the box.

  • Of course, we can say and even others will agree, the actor has his own magical aura of personality, and who will not agree? A man with a sweet heart and deadly attitude personality, a traditional go guy to a completely modern one there’s no-look which Vijay can pull off effortlessly and make us weak on him in any outfit.
  • Do they say a smile is just enough from being their fondness? Yes, apart from anything smile is all we can easily fall for and one of them is Vijay. He has such a wonderful and powerful smile that can lighten up anyone’s day, isn’t it? Just like how one’s stress gets away when they see a kid smiling with his whole heart!

And I think Vijay might already start doing his charity like he always does something big on his birthday from an ice-cream truck, donating food this last year’s amidst lockdown, also donating in several funds, to now on his current birthday providing jobs for the youth through his Deverakonda Foundation, there’s no stopping for him!

There’s not always looks one falls for, the person’s sweetest gesture is enough as many of his true lovers like him because of the man he is with heart and the way he speaks on a stage.

Tell me is there anything apart from these you love about Vijay Deverakonda? In the comment box below, and also let us send birthday wishes to him with all love & blessings as you all do always!

Here PopDiaries wishes, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man of hearts! May he go long way with his different contents and characters that make him help many needy!

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