B’day Special: The UNKNOWN Charms Of True Beauty Star Hwang In Yeop!

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The upcoming K-drama superstar, Hwang In Yeop is growing as one of the more loved actors with only have three acting credits under his name with is only at present, but he sure is ready to steal scenes and hearts with his looks, versatile nature, and elegance.

In 2019 his gained huge popularity for his role in KBS2’s Rom-com series “The Tale of Nokdu” as master swordsman Park Dan Oh. He then made his Television return in 2020 starring in  JTBC’s 18 Again as a bully who turns into a softie basketball team captain Goo Ja Sung. Now he’s even more popular as he stars alongside Moon Ga Young and Cha Eun Woo in the K-Drama adaptation of the hit webtoon True Beauty, which is again a rom-com series released in late 2020 in which he portrays the role of the tough yet caring Han Seojun.

Today being his birthday we have dedicated this segment listing down the eight ways he in which his fans get mesmerised by him.

1. His ageless visuals

Born on 19 January 1991, today he turns 30 which is definitely older than most of his co-stars, but the fact that with his young looks and atmosphere that he creates, make people believe that he can still pass off as a high schooler.

2. His sense of style is *chef’s kiss*

Hwang In Yeop has always shown us his passion and his interest in the field of fashion and also started his career as a model back in 2017. Well, with his stunningly piercing looks, overwhelming smile, and tall height of 185 cm or 6ft, Only a foolish agency would reject him for a model.

3. He can actually sing! If you want to see the video: https://youtu.be/vx8pnodZzSM

We all can agree that Hwang In Yeop is charismatic enough to bring a bright light to the audience. If that’s not enough the wait till you hear this young talent sing. He has proven his voice in a scene in 18 Again when he sang K.Will’s “My Heart Beating” to serenade Roh Jung Eui’s character, Sia, Ja Sung’s high school crush.

4. His K-Pop knowledge is surprisingly broad. If you want to see the video: https://youtu.be/u_RB0DGktLI

Hwang In Yeop well-versed in K-pop and has proved it with pride by guessing various South Korean pop songs, contain songs from girl group BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” to sexy siren Sunmi’s “24 Hours”, which was conducted on Serim High After School Activity. This was a series of promotional videos JTBC uploaded on YouTube to promote 18 Again when it was aired.

5. He pours a great deal of effort into his roles

Not only does he master his athletic skills for his roles, but he also loves trying something new which would eventually mean to bring more life to the character that he’ll be playing. For his role in True Beauty, he even learned how to ride a motorcycle which in turn got him his motorcycle license!

6. He’s already served in the military

Before signing on major projects in the film and entertainment industry, Hwang In Yeop had completed his mandatory military service. This information was something he had hinted us with when he was mentioned on Serim High After School Activity that Apink’s “No No No” was released during his time in the army.

7. He has appeared in web dramas, which you can watch while waiting for new episodes of True Beauty

There are different K-dramas in which Hwang In Yeop has appeared in these few years. The Tale of Nokdu may mark as Hwang In Yeop’s small screen debut, but before that, he was featured in the youth-oriented web dramas likes W.H.Y. and Freshman which the perfect filler dramas when you need to wait for True Beauty to air its next episodes.

8. And, finally, that adorable li’l head tilt he does.

The image just speaks for itself showing a cute Hwang In Yeop tilting his head which is just heart-melting.

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