B’Day Special: 5 Hilarious Scenes Of Rajpal Yadav That Makes Us Laugh Out Loud Anytime & Can Never Get Bored Of!

B’Day Special: 5 Hilarious Scenes Of Rajpal Yadav That Makes Us Laugh Out Loud Anytime & Can Never Get Bored Of!

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Rajpal Yadav entered the entertainment industry from a Doordarshan channel for a Sanskrit, and gained popularity for a negative role and also received an award of ‘Best Actor in a Negative Role’ for the film ‘Jungle’.

But after that, he earned a lot of appreciation for comic roles and became one of the finest comedians in the B-Town. Rajpal is one of the actors who acted in a huge list of films with some memorable comic characters but didn’t receive any appreciation award after that single award for Jungle.

Today, on Rajpal Yadav’s birthday let’s look into some special hilarious comedy scenes which we cannot get bored of watching it anytime though after watching them many times. His comedy timing, facial expressions, versatility gives some fun and do not miss to make us laugh out loud.

  • Phir Hera Pheri – 25 din mein paise double scheme

Akshay Kumar making fool out of Rajpal in this scene is full of fun with his expressions & innocence, and then visiting his bungalow is even more fun, it is one of the best meme material parts. That still does rounds on the internet with some creative memes.

  • Dhol – Kopdi ulti-phulti ho gayi hai

My god, this is one of the bestest movies that includes some valuable comic timings and one of them is this when a group of friends including Rajpal try to run away from goons he falls off, there when they think his head has turned around as he was wearing a shirt vice-versa.

Many scenes are best but is one of the Best one!

  • Bhootnath – Kitchen scene and sweeping out leaves

His acting in this scene has to receive a big round of applause, what a variety of expressions on his face. More likely it remembers legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin.

  • Chup Chup Ke – Bunglow scenes

This role of Rajpal has received many accolades and his dialogues from this film still stay in the mouths of everyone. “Mujhe sab aata hai, mai isko bilkul sikha dunga”, and that roti scene, “ghagra nu choli, joyeche joyeche,” hilarious!

  • Bhool Bhulaiyaa – Pandit

We can consider Rajpal’s pandit role in Bhool Bhulaiyaa as one of the iconic characters of Bollywood. The way his character is design with a whole costume and makeup of red color all over his body that something one can never make and Yadav has to pull it off. Dialogue of him as pandit, “Are beta Pushpa kahan ja rahi ho gadhe par baithkar,” haha! Best one. Also, when Akshay Kumar asks him to stay away from water is something unique. This character of Rajpal or this ‘paani’ scene is still famous and used in memes, even many people dressed up as him and made short clips out of it.

Rajpal Yadav is the one who made our childhood better and made us keep laughing at his innocent comedy, and can never forget this gesture him till the end. Though he hasn’t received his deserving awards but has won many hearts and still rule it, and rule over the meme pages too, who is even called as perfect meme material with his memorable lines, expressions, etc.

Here PopDiaries is wishing one of the talented versatile comedians in B-Town, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wishing him a long year ahead with happiness, keep entertaining!

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