Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Finally Speaking Up Against CAA/NRC And What’s Happening In The Nation!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Finally Speaking Up Against CAA/NRC

After a long deafening silence, a few Bollywood actors have started speaking up against CAA/NRC regulations and the ongoing protests whether in JNU or elsewhere! Read on…

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Finally Speaking Up Against CAA/NRC

We are living in very sad and disturbed times where our nation is seeing a major major change which is regressive, unconstitutional and totally unacceptable due to the amendment of reforms like CAA/NRC laws. While the majority of the Bollywood actors have remained silent on what has been happening in the country, a few have spoken loud and clear off-lately.

First Assam, then Aligarh and now Delhi, the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) are everywhere. We daily wake up to see the tragic state of the nation and the citizens who are protesting against the laws. There is a rush of violence throughout and countless students have been beaten and shot with pellet guns. While the super influential Bollywood actors have decided to kept mum on this extremely crucial issue and haven’t voiced what they feel, a few have told the world what they strongly feel.

Not to forget, these are the same B-Town actors who have voiced their inner thoughts from time to time on various issues but when it has become of utmost importance, they decided to refrain from speaking on it. Be it for or be it against the situation, it is a personal opinion but even that is not happening and it is quite sad. Let’s see who came out and talked about it with a loud statement!

As I write this, celebrities like Ali Fazal and Zoya Akhtar are already protesting against CAA/NRC in Mumbai at the Gateway of India and are clearly aghast after what happened last night at the JNU campus.

Sonam Kapoor tweeted last night what she felt at the shaaeful attacks which happened on the students who were protesting inside the JNU campus,

We even saw Farhan Akhtar voicing his opinion on what he feels about the whole process…


Even Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan mourned against the JNU protests and what happened to the students and teachers who protested!

Varun posted,

Alia also posted,

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