Are You Falling In Love? Here Are 8 Signs According To Episodes 5 & 6 Of “True Beauty”


The love triangle in True Beauty is getting more complex with feelings and the main characters are experiencing various emotions that we’re all loving. Here are eight signs that you’re in love according to this past week’s episodes.

1. When you tell someone “I’ll only listen to you.”

Han Seo Jun gets overtly flirt with Ju Gyeong.  He gives Ju Gyeong the keys to his motorcycle and declares to everyone in front of the school that he will only listen to what she tells him to do.

 In episode 6, Seo Joon’s intentions appear more genuine as he’s noticing how nice Ju Gyeong is and how he’s bothered by her deepening relationship with Su Ho. His bad boy ways are melting away because of her, which obviously means that he’s very much in like!

2. When everything the teacher says can be related to how you feel for someone

When Ju Gyeong she’s sitting in class, the teacher discusses something science related, but Ju Gyeong can’t help but relate it to her feelings for Su Ho. She pays attention to every detail on his face as he’s sitting beside her and she can’t seem to control her feelings. 

3. When someone buys you a drink and you think way too much into it

When Su Ho sees Seo Jun giving Ju Gyeong a drink which is not her favourite she still accepts. With jelousy Su Ho takes the drink from her, replacing it with a drink that she likes – the strawberry flavored one. Although it’s a small gesture, because Ju Gyeong likes Su Ho, she thinks a lot about it.

4. When you use changing your detergent as an excuse to hug them

When Su Ho finds an excuse to see Ju Gyeong, he doesn’t want her to go home just yet, so him and Ju Gyeong end up playing some basketball. She ends up tripping and falling into his arms by accident. Embarrassed, Ju Gyeong pulls away but Su Ho embraces her again. 

5. You look at their social media accounts too often

Ju Gyeong has been trying to keep her distance from Su Ho because she thinks he’s being nice to her out of pity. When he has an anxiety attack, he finds solace in looking through her social media account to see what Ju Gyeong is up to.

6. When someone’s teasing you, but you like it

Even with their constant bantering and teasing of one another, Seo Jun can’t help but feel drawn to her. In this particular scene, Ju Gyeong continues to tease Seo Jun about seeing him in his boxers but as she’s doing this, Seo Jun is in awe of her.

7. When you give someone your hat

When Ju Gyeong bumps into the girl who was bullying her, she runs away and hides. Seeing Ju Gyeong run off, Su Ho finds and comforts her. In order to help Ju Gyeong stay discreet, Su Ho gives her his hat so that she can safely go home.

8. Running to the rescue when you find out she may be in danger

Seo Jun receives word that Ju Gyeong is being held captive by a guy at another school. He’s holding Ju Gyeong hostage in hopes that he can lure Seo Jun in and fight him. It just so happens that Su Ho is with Seo Jun when he gets the call, and the two are seething. They immediately run to where she is and rescue her.

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