Anindita Bose tells us why she say ‘yes’ for ZEE5’s Mafia


ZEE5 Premium is one of the biggest players on OTT platform owing of the variety of content it holds. One of the USPs is having something for everyone not just in age groups but in selection of genres as well. The app always ensures to grip the attention of the audiences. One of the most awaited in the thriller department is ‘Mafia’. Friends turn Foes. Do lovers unite or the dent in the friendship breaks it, for ever?

Ever since Mafia was announced, the plot of the story has gained the attention. The teaser was a treat and a pure delight for the audiences and the trailer that was released recently has now made the audiences eagerly waiting for its release. The trailer shows how one game is unearthing the secrets that have been nurtured from so long and the death of a villager has turned a happy night into the most horrific experience.

Everyone is sharing nothing except all praises as with every new announcement related to the show, there is a new layer of excitement that’s added and a new spin to the show too which is furthermore exciting. Anindita Bose shares why she said yes for the show and what made her agree to it.

The actress shares, “One of the creator’s Rohan Gosh he called me and narrated the story, like how these friends are attached to this game and how their life changed. That really intrigued me and excited me. And how everyone and everything is related to each other, and after I heard the entire story I really wanted to be a part of this exciting thriller genre I’ve never been a part before.”

The show is one of the few one should really root for. The show has much more to its offering and is sure to keep you hooked onto it. The buzz on social media is proof of how everyone can’t wait for the show to release.

The show stars Namit Das as Nitin, Tanmay Dhanania as Rishi, Isha M Saha as Ananya, and Anindita Bose as Neha. The show is going to be released in Bengali and Hindi. This is going to be one of the most adventurous shows as the incidents will force the friends to come face to face with their past and much more. ‘Mafia’ will release exclusively on ZEE5 on 10th July 2020.

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