Anime Senpai: 10 Instances in Attack On Titan That Might Change With Levi As The Main Character

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Your Anime Senpai is here with another interesting topic to talk about. Today we’ll be covering the anime  Attack on Titan’s. Make sure to read till the end. For people how have just started the anime there are few spoilers ahead you have. been warned. Attack on Titan’s main hero is none other than Eren Yeager, the hotheaded boy who was once specified to destroy all Titans and get revenge for his mother’s death. Eren’s brash and aggressive nature enabled shape viewers’ attitude toward the world of Attack on Titan, and they examined this setting through Eren’s eyes. But what if Levi Ackerman had been born into the role?
Quite a question right not to worry we have listed down 10 possible situations that might have happened if Levi was the protagonist.

1.Viewers Would Explore The Underground Much Sooner

For the most part, seeing Levi as the main role in Attack on Titan would mean exploring Levi’s subordinates and background much sooner in the story, and this would alter how Attack on Titan does its worldbuilding. For example, Levi as the protagonist would mean scanning out the Underground. This is certainly an underground realm of the walled city, a place of darkness and hardship for the most part. Attack on Titan would start on a rather rough note, showing how Levi struggled in his boyhood in such a place.

2.Kenny Ackerman Would Be Introduced Sooner

Similarly, the character Kenny Ackerman would make his debut far sooner in the story if Levi were the protagonist rather than Eren. Kenny is Levi’s uncle, existing as his mother’s older brother, and he would appear early in the series. It was Kenny who raised Levi after a point, instructing him how to use a knife and properly survive in the tough world of the Underground.

3.Erwin Smith Would Be Developed Sooner

Commander Erwin Smith was Levi’s good friend, and it was with great hesitation that Levi let Erwin Smith die so he could inject Armin Arlert with the Titan serum and thus save his life. Erwin Smith emerged before long in the original story, but that was with Eren as the protagonist.
With Levi in the lead, Erwin would appear a bit faster, and his personality and his relationship to Levi would all be displayed out much more completely, and this could make Erwin an even more vibrant and exciting character than he already is.

4.Levi Would Not Have Raided Liberio With The Attack Titan

In Season 4 of the anime, Eren became an extreme Eldian nationalist, determined to free aIl Eldians and overthrow the Marley Empire. He also became an open cannon in the process and started acting on his own will.
Eren’s this act cost Sasha Braus her life. If Levi were the lead, he would not use his Attack Titan so impatiently. He would wait for formal orders to attack.

5.Levi’s Dislike Of Zeke Would Be More Personal

In the original story, Levi Ackerman had a unique dislike of Zeke Yeager, and not just because the two of them collided on the battlefield. In Season 4, Zeke was greeted to Paradis Island as a fellow Eldian, but Levi didn’t trust him at all.
If Levi were the protagonist, he wouldn’t be appointed guard duty over Zeke, but he would meet with Zeke a few times, and make his anger towards his half-brother quite clear. This would add some intense personal drama to the Yeager family since Levi isn’t an extreme nationalist like Eren and Zeke are. He’s by-the-book.

6.Levi Would Discover His Titan Powers Under Different Circumstances

Eren had the Attack Titan’s powers and the Founding Titan within him by the time Trost was lost to the Titans, and he found these powers after getting caught and eaten by a Titan. Levi, however, is far too skilled as a fighter to perish to a Titan and end up in its belly.
Rather than realizing his Titan powers inside a Titan’s gut, Levi would stumble upon his powers some other way, or maybe Grisha would have trusted him with this data earlier since Levi is a sharp-witted person. Of course, Grisha would still caution his son Levi to not use the Attack Titan too casually or recklessly.

7.Eren Would Be Getting Himself Killed For Good

Eren is a hotheaded youth who often gets himself into trouble, and he only exited his doom via his Attack Titan powers. But if Levi had those powers due to being the protagonist, then Eren’s armour would drop to 0, and would obviously result in his demise.

8.Hange Zoe Would Be Fleshed out Soon

Hange Zoe, a Scout, is another one of Levi’s close subordinates, and viewers met her later on, through Eren’s eyes. With Levi as the protagonist instead, viewers would meet Hange a little early, and we could have gotten to k ow more about her

9.Mikasa Would Have Thinner Plot Armor

Mikasa Ackerman is related to Levi, but she is most loyal to Eren, as she was his childhood friend and all. Eren once assisted her fight off some kidnappers, and Mikasa has been Eren’s loyal ever since. In the original story, she had a fairly big plot armour due to her role as the hero’s good friend. With Levi as the lead character, Mikasa is downgraded to being a side character’s friend, and if Eren can die, then so can Mikasa, by addition.

10.Levi Would Not Be Quite So Skilled

Levi Ackerman is known for his cold, serious professionalism and elite combat skills, and if he were the hero, not much of that would change. But will get a good amount of nerf at least a little as a shonen protagonist. Levi would still be skilled enough to survive Titan onslaughts and climb the ranks, but he wouldn’t be able to casually zip past five Titans and slay them so casually.

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