Angrezi Medium turns 1: Here are 5 important life lessons by Irrfan that we learned from his last voice note

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As Irrfan, Radhika Madan, Deepak Dobriyal, Kareena Kapoor Khan featured Angrezi Medium turns 1, we review the sweet voice message that the late actor had sent for his fans before the trailer launch. In just 1 minute 19-second note, the Piku actor taught us 5 important lessons that we must remember.

So without further delay, you must check out the video and the 5 life lessons by Irrfan that can be your guide to life. 

1. Never forget to laugh in difficult times of life – lighten up!

While filming Angrezi Medium, Irrfan was in a lot of discomforts as he had returned to work after getting care for his neuroendocrine tumour. However, even while going through everything, the actor brightened the atmosphere on the sets. In a chat with Khaleej Times, director Homi Adajania had said, “Ironically, Irrfan’s strength is what the whole crew fed off, rather than it being the other way round. He never wanted pity or sympathy from us. All he wanted was love and positivity and we all learned how to live like that. Once we did that, magic happened.” And even in his last message before the trailer launch, Irrfan joked about ‘unwanted guests’ in his body due to which he could not promote the film. By taking his illness lightly and not allowing it to influence the people around him, he taught us to never take life too seriously and always know to laugh in difficult times. 

2. Life gives you choices, pick the right one

Irrfan highlighted that life ends up giving us choices. An option to be happy or sad in difficult times. In Angrezi Medium too, we see Irrfan as a father who under all circumstances, wants to make his daughter happy and keeps himself positive too. In his message, he states that “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade with it.” However, he recognized the fact that noticing the positive in a dark situation is on us. Hence, he taught us to pick the right and positive thing when life gives us a choice.

3. Where there is a will, there’s away

One of the biggest lessons that Irrfan taught his fans with his audio message was that one can accomplish anything, all one must have is intended for it. Due to his ill health, Irrfan could not expand the film with other stars like Radhika and Deepak, still, even between his battling his ‘unwanted guests,’ he chose to be a part of the promotions with his audio note which was a surprise for fans. With his own life, his audio message, and the film, Irrfan reminded us to keep trying and that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

4. Stay positive and hopeful in difficult times

In his last audio note, Irrfan also shared how he and the crew of Angrezi Medium toiled hard and made the film with a lot of positivity. Despite his illness and the film being halted by a year, Irrfan kept his spirits high on the sets, and from what his co-stars confided the media during the promotions, he worked hard even while battling the ‘unwanted guests.’ In his note, he says that he wanted that the film would make everyone laugh, cry and laugh again as he clarifies how the team remained positive during the filming. He ended the note back then by saying ‘wait for me’ thereby giving all his fans hope of seeing him again on the big screen.

5. Be kind to each other

One of the most valuable teachings that he gave us with the film and his last audio note was kindness. Irrfan reminisced all to be kind to each other in his last audio message. Having fought a taxing disease and subsequently joining shoot after getting treated, Irrfan was in the company of friends, colleagues, and loved ones who ensured that things were light on sets and that the actor was a comfortable internal fight. In his note, he reminded all about the recovery power of positivity, laughter, hope, and kindness and his words certainly prove a guide to life.

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