Amma Rajashekar Shave His Head Into Half, Kumar Sai Is Eliminated : Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Weekend Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Amma Rajashekar Shave His Head Into Half, Kumar Sai Is Eliminated : Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Weekend Highlights

An Emotional Day! As Everyone Share Their Difficult Time Of Life : Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Highlights

Day 41, Saturday episode was fun yet emotional, as the blue team was asked to shave their head into half but no one agrees to the date and back off. Yet again the host Nagarjuna tells blue team to stand-up and gives an offer of getting safe from coming week’s nomination. Amma Rajashekar agrees with the dare, to which everyone gets emotional but Divi got too much emotional as she’s very close to him. As Monal have to wear a jute dress for 6 days she exchange it with Ariyana and while signing off the host gives permission to fully shave the head for Amma and Ariyana to take off the dress. Lasya, Noel, Harika being saved from the eliminations.

Day 42, Nagarjuna sir divided two teams for Sunday Funday. Team A – Amma Rajashekar, Akhil, Sohel, Harika, Kumar Sai and Divi. Team B – Abijeet, Avinash, Lasya, Monal, Ariyana and Mehaboob.

For each game one contestant from each should come forward. Clearly this task wins Team A (in the garden area). Now it’s time to save a contestant, the host asks’ Noel to open the envelope and rap on the housemate who is safe. And he is Akhil! Next Divi is safe from elimination.

Again a fun task begins, between two teams. This time, housemates have to use the prop and dance with it, Amma Rajashekar is the judge. Harika & Abijeet dances with umbrella. Kumar Sai won hearts with his cute-hilarious Joker act. Being a mother Lasya nicely tookup the babydoll and was feeling it as a real baby. Akhil also did well but did not matchup with lyrics, so Nagarjuna asks’ Rajashekar master to show soome his side of glimpse with baby. Blindfold dance between cutes Ariyana and Avinash. 

Another contestant to save is Abijeet! Next mind-blowing performance by Sohel and Monal with a belly dance belt. To which Sohel being a man did so well. Last a terrific performance by Mehaboob, who used the chair so nicely opposite Divi.

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Now they are three contestants in the nomination, Monal Ariyana and Kumar Sai. Ariyana is the next contestant to be saved. The host Nagarjuna asks’ both Monal and Sai to pack their bags, say bye to everyone, take a selfie with a oppo phone and both have to enter confession room.

When they both sit on the couch of confession room, host says Kumar is eliminated and Monal is safe (tells her to sit in the room only). Fans are very disappointed with this week’s eliminations. And Sai is the first contestant who left the house positively and says I am the winner, that’s great of him! He was definitely a non-performing guy initially from his wildcard entry. But from last many days he played so well for which we cannot imagine him leaving the BB house. And while Sai was comparing Akhil with curry leaves, he replied “you performed that’s why you are out and I am still in”. We understand he might got hurt and replied that way but his reply was definitely so wrong and rude. He wouldn’t have said like that.

After a Sunday Funday it is a Nomination day!

Till then Stay Tuned on this space for additional updates and keep watching Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

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