Along With BTS, EXO And GOT7 Songs Will Also Make Their Way To The Moon!

NASA has earlier opened up the submissions for their #NASAMoonTunes project in order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. The songs selected for the project will also be added to the playlist of the 6-day journey to the moon NASA is preparing for in 2024.

Though there are few submissions that are already confirmed in the list which also includes BTS’ three songs; NASA’s Third Rock Radio recently startled everyone with a 200 song sampler of the Moon Tunes playlist.

When the music aficionados went through the sampler they got a wonderful surprise to see songs by EXO and GOT7 on the list! EXO’s “Moonlight” from their second short-album, Overdose as well as their song “Universe” from their sixth EP by the same name has made it onto the list. On the other hand, GOT7’s “Moon U” from their seventh EP 7 for 7 also got selected.

In 2024, these three beautiful songs will be making their way to space! We are even more excited and being impatient to hear which other songs made it onto the full Moon Tunes playlist!

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