All You Need To Know About Moon Ga Young Aka True Beauty Star

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Have you fallen for Moon Ga Young of True beauty? If not here are some fun facts of the actress inviting charms and appealing smarts. And her adorable dance on Hwasa’s Maria in the third episode of the show is priceless

1. She’s a Cancer

Moon Ga Young was born on July 10, 1996, in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her father was a physicist and her mother was a musician. When she 10 years old they all moved to South Korea.

2. She’s fluent in German.

As she was born in Germany, she can fluently speak the German language. You can find compilation videos of her on YouTube speaking German.

3. She’s a university graduate

She has been graduated in major acting and arts from Sungkyunkwan University. It’s the same school which her co-star Cha Eun Woo is currently attending.

4. She started acting at a young age.

At the age of 10 she started to work as an actress under the entertainment company SM C&C. Her earliest credited appearance is for a supporting role on the rom-com series Goong S, and a minor role in the comedy drama film Bunt. Both were released in 2007. 

5. She landed her first lead role in 2014

Ga Young was 18 years old when she finally bagged a leading lady role. The job was a for a four-episode mystery romance series titled Mi Mi, where she played the titular character.

6. She shot to fame for the K-drama “Tempted.”

Ga Young was nominated for Best Actress in the 2018 MBC Drama Awards for her role in Tempted.

7.She loves books and dislikes math

In an interview with Vogue Korea, she elaborates, “The reason why I love books and dislike math is because math gives you an answer. With acting, my performance one day can be different from my performance the next day, and I have to keep thinking about it.”

8. Her goal as an actress is to become a positive influence on others.

During an interview with Sports DongA, she revealed her ultimate work goal. “As an actress, my goal is to hear, ‘The show is interesting if it stars Moon Ga Young,’” she said. “I want to become someone who has at least a small positive influence on others. In order to do that, I need to understand myself more deeply, and I’ll work hard to become a better person.”

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