All You Need To Know About Janmashtami 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has snatched all our happiness. We have just become gloomy from the vibes that we are getting from our surroundings. But with the festival season returning, a bit of positivity has returned in our attitudes. After Rakhi, the whole of the nation is preparing to celebrate Janmashtami, the birthday of our very own Lord Govinda, whom the whole of the earth lovingly calls Krishna.

Janmashtami is the birth of Lord Krishna. He is also considered the eighth avatar of the Supreme Godhead of the entire universe, Lord Vishnu. This auspicious day is celebrated in all its fervour all across the Indian nation. Thanks to ISKCON, the celebration is now global.  

Janmashtami is also referred as Gokulashtami in some Indian states. Being one of the most important Hindu festivals, it marks the beginning of continuous festivals. It will be followed by Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra and Deepawali, Bhai Dooj, Karwa Chauth so on and so forth. But Janmashtami marks the beginning.

This year Janmashtami will be celebrated on August 11 this year. In Mathura and Vrindavan, the festival will be celebrated with great pomp and show.

Date and Time(Muhurat)

August 11- 12 with the timings at 09:06 AM on August 11 until 05:22 AM on August 12. The Abhishek of Kanha’s birth will be around 12:21 AM until 01:06 AM on August 12.

History and Significance 

Lord Krishna was born on the eighth (Ashtami) in the Bhadrapada month on a no Moon day in a jail of King Kamsa in Mathura. His parents were captured by evil King Kamsa, who was Lord Krishna’s mother, Queen Devaki’s cousin brother.

Lord Krishna was prophesized to kill Kamsa by a Divine Voice, so Kamsa imprisoned them. He kept them alive in return of a promise that Devaki would hand over the children to her brother. The eighth child was supposed to kill the tyrant king.

King Vasudev accepted Kamsa’s atrocities just for saving his wife, Devaki. He handed over seven of their children to Kamsa, who ruthlessly killed the babies.

However, the parents could not bear the sight of the murder of their children. During the birth of the seventh child, King Vasudeva prayed to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Shakti, and lo and behold, the foetus of the child was transferred to the womb of another Yadava Princess, Rohini who was the second wife of Nand Baba, a member of the royal Yadava clan who was in the milk business. This seventh child is none other than Lord Balarama, an incarnation of Lord Shesha, the infinite snake on which Lord Vishnu rests.

When Karna was going to kill a seventh child who was a baby girl, the baby flew out of his lap and transformed into a heavenly figure, Goddess Yogmaya, an avatara of Goddess Durga.

How To Follow A Ritualistic Celebration

Observe a ritual related fast on Krishna Janmashtami. Consume sattvic food like fruits, milk or buttermilk. Bathe the figure of the Lord in Panchamrit – a mixture of Ghee, Buttermilk, Milk, Gangaajal and Honey.

Decorate the figurine of the Lord’s baby form with new clothes and flowers, and place it in a cradle. Offer sweets and pure butter which is not jhootha. Break your fast at midnight and eat foods and sweets. 

Wishing everybody a Happy Janmashtami!  

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