All Claims Against Rhea Chakraborty Confirmed By Sushant’s Bodyguard


Now Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s bodyguard has given a testimony to the media. He has given a lot of details as an eye-witness actor’s life.

The bodyguard has kept his identity anonymous on request.

First of all, he revealed that Sushant would be asleep and unwell most of the time. Nobody had direct access to him, except Rhea and her family.

While Sushant would be asleep, Rhea Chakraborty, her father and brother would invite friends over to his apartment. Then they would indulge in partying and would use Sushant’s money on lavish arrangements.

The actor’s bodyguard also revealed that he had been introduced to Rhea for the first time in April 2019. She visited Sushant at his farmhouse. The bodyguard also alleged that Rhea’s entry in Sushant’s life changed him as a person altogether.

The actor’s bodyguard revealed, “As far as medicines go.. most of the time SSR would be asleep.. don’t know about overdose.. After his trip to Europe, he came back ill.. he was always in bed.. previously always active.. would prepare for the Ironman triathlon.. swimming, running, gymming.

The bodyguard also shared that Rhea changed the entire house staff of Sushant. And not only that, she also changed Sushant’s accountant. Except him, each and every employee working under Sushant was changed.

The bodyguard also revealed that prior to Rhea’s entry in Sushant’s life, Sushant’s family, especially Priyanka Singh, his eldest sister was a frequent visitor. Priyanka had visited Sushant multiple times and would stay with him.

The Bodyguard also gave an insight about Sushant’s character. He said, “Sushant was a simple person and didn’t have a lot of expenses. He wasn’t very fond of going out either and preferred home-cooked food.” 

The bodyguard also made one ground-breaking revelation. He confirmed,” Sushant was being given drugs by Rhea as he would often run the errands for her. Drug store owners would look at him enquiringly when he would go to buy the medicines.”

The bodyguard also spoke about Disha Salian,”Sushant had met Disha Salian on the sets of Chhichhore as she was actor Varun Sharma’s manager.”

He also revealed that he had dropped Rhea at Mahesh Bhatt’s office on one occasion and that she isn’t the same as she was pretending to the world. He insisted that all allegations made by Sushant’s father should be investigated thoroughly by the authorities.

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